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Conversations on Skin Care and Wellness You Shouldn’t Miss In 2021

Happy 2021! We hope you had wonderful holidays. It’s a new year with new goals and ambitions. Here at YASOU skin care we are excited and energized to present skin care conversations that can educate and entertain.  We have a lot to talk about! Here are just some of the topics we will cover in 2021.


Beauty in Imperfection: Wabi Sabi Style. We’ll be taking a look at how imperfections on our skin can actually be beautiful, how they make you- you. How they are  unique and should be celebrated.


Topics on transparency, the eco-movement and plant-based beauty. These are topics that represent what is important in 2021 and the future.  We’ll be discussing why they are important and how it effects how we live and who we are.


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3 Top Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate

The only way to achieve maximum results for healthy skin is to exfoliate.  Why? As we age the cell regeneration process slows down. Therefore our bodies are slower in shedding old skin cells and generating new ones. The old skin cells can pile up leaving the surface of the skin looking dry, dull and rough. It can even result in creating excess oil and clogging your pores.


By exfoliating your skin, you are unclogging your pores and allowing your moisturizer to penetrate deeper into your skin giving you more hydration which in turn gives you glowing, healthy skin. It also helps to brighten and even out your skin tone! Here are the top three reasons for why you should exfoliate your skin.


First, exfoliating dead cells can uncover fresh and new skin cells. You just need to exfoliate correctly.  The correct way to exfoliate your skin when using a product is to be gentle.  Make small, circular motions using your finger to apply or scrub your product. When you are using an exfoliating tool or brush make short, light strokes for about 20 to 30 seconds.  YASOU vegan day cream is exfoliating as well as moisturizing using AHA extracts that gently exfoliate the thin layer of skin.


The second reason why you should exfoliate is it helps to stimulate collagen production improving the skin’s texture and integrity, keeping the skin looking plump, tight, and young.  It is also known to increase cell turnover which gives your skin that glow.  Exfoliating your skin in many ways offers you graceful aging benefits, which might be why so many people swear that it helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The third reason to exfoliate is it boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage for cleansing your skin correctly. Exfoliation helps stimulate lymphatic drainage for internal cleansing and stimulation of oxygen-rich blood that feeds and nourishes the skin’s surface. The former is
a form of skin detoxification, working to remove toxins and other unhealthy debris. When it comes to the face and neck, you must first
open up the lymph nodes along the neck and collarbone before the lymph in the face can properly drain. Using circular movement with
your product or tool is huge in successfully draining the Lymph nodes. For more info on this check out
this article: “How To Do Lymphatic Drainage: Face & Neck (With Video Tutorials)”


I love to use YASOU’s vegan cellular day cream because it allows me to  exfoliate as well as moisturize my skin in one application. I apply my makeup and go to work as this is all nourishing my skin. I don’t have to spend a large amount of time or use two/three separate products.  If you are interested in receiving some small samples email us with your address at


Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and start getting your skin ready for Fall. 
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Natural Skin Care Advice for Summer

While our skin needs to be protected year round, the bulk of sun damage tends to occur during the summer months. With just a few tweaks to your routine you can protect your skin in a natural, healthy way and still enjoy all your favorite summer activities.

Adding a layer of sunscreen protects skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. To ensure you get into this habit find a sunscreen you like. There are multiple kinds with different textures, absorption, coloration and scents. Choose one with at least SPF 15. I recommend natural, physical sunscreens that block both UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin. They contain the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (preferable). A natural sunscreen that rates high amongst environmental groups and consumers is UV Natural.

Make sure your sunscreen filters both UVB light (sunburn, cancer) and UVA light (premature aging, cancer). If you are a swimmer, or sweat a lot, water resistance is important. Find an oil-free sunscreen if you are prone to breakouts. Keep in mind that you may need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day if you are outdoors for many hours.

On the face, apply sunscreen before your day cream and underneath makeup. Sunscreen alone is a better protector from UV rays than makeup with SPF in it. If you need a touchup during the day there are some natural foundation powders that can help such as Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Mineral Powder with SPF 20. Protect your lips as well. Dermatologists recommend applying a lip balm with SPF every two hours while outside in the sun. Avoid glossy, pale colors.

Another way to deflect the effect of the sun’s harmful rays on your skin is to wear a broad brim hat. Clothing lines with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating show how much of the sun’s light the fabric absorbs. To beat the rays, wardrobe choices in summer might include tightly woven, dark or bright fabrics. That’s right, save white for winter. Wear sunglasses with a UV 400 protection to protect your eyes and the sensitive skin areas around them.

On particularly hot and humid days a facial mist containing natural minerals can help replace those lost through sweat. Pores appear larger during summer heat and humidity so you may want to exfoliate one extra time during the week.

You can keep your bronze glow by using natural sunless tanning products that contain sunscreen. Lavera Self Tanner includes all natural and organic ingredients.

After long summer days your skin deserves a luxe body cream that moisturizes and hydrates. Your best bet of course is YASOU body cream with certified organic extra virgin olive oil, organic aloe vera, shea butter, essential oils and other natural ingredients that pamper and nurture your skin.

Don’t forget to visit your local farmer’s market to buy fresh produce such as tomatoes, avocados, citrus and berries all of which contain anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties that can protect your skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Enjoy your summer while protecting your skin. YASOU!

Greetings from Our YASOU Blog Editor

Welcome to a new decade of living and looking well! Since 2014, I have been editor of the YASOU skin care blog sharing information and advice about natural skin care that we hope you find practical and inspiring. We want to shed light on issues important to those who live and want to live a natural, luxe lifestyle. We wouldn’t exist without all of you, our customers and readers. We don’t have the limelight of big-name skin care companies, but we’re passionate about what we do and always look for ways to better serve you.

Our blog was created to educate, listen, discover and deliver the best information on natural skin care. It allows us to share with you insider knowledge and observations on what works and what doesn’t. The rally in our room always gives a nod to science and the natural world, not hearsay or gossip. Late nights and early mornings at YASOU Natural Skin Care are dedicated to making and promoting a luxe natural skin care line that is effective and sustainable.

In 2020 there’s no place like home to refresh and relax. We will be covering how to enjoy a spa experience at home, how your personality may affect your skin, and sustainable beauty. To all things there is a season including skin care. Seasonal and cultural shifts impact how we care for our skin. Should you stick with the tried and true or take a step in another direction?  Mothers and daughters have a lot to share about this. Will advances in health science work with nature to enhance our skin? How can we tidy up and simplify our skin care? We will be writing about natural skin care myths, legends, lessons and more this year. We love participating in our stories gaining first-hand knowledge and asking questions we and our readers want answers to. We are always looking for ideas that speak to your experience and your sense of beauty.

We like to think of ourselves as courageous little guys who stay fresh and independent. We’re guided by ancestral hand-me-down knowledge, aesthetic and professional integrity. Willing to take a risk, we’ve disrupted established skin care recipes for success in the beauty industry. Our customers are willing to transform, to respect nature’s gifts, to promote dignity for all while also knowing that body and soul need to be soothed whether it’s a walk in the woods or the pleasures of a natural vegan body cream.

Some of our competitors promote store-style beauty. We are not competing with a model made up for window dressing. For us beauty lies in who you are, not who you “should” be. It’s what you fill your day with, what you invest in, what you push out and pull in. Our energy seeds interaction with nature, beauty and each other. We are stewards of a sophisticated sense of wellness and enduring beauty.

We don’t work by committee. We have no trend watchers or a high ad budget. But we know what’s good and what’s not.  We are constantly looking for new chances to evolve and improve, to elevate all that is best with YASOU natural skin care products and the people who support us through their purchases.  We are mindful of all the options available. Our mission with this blog is to provide you with factual information based on science but also entertaining ideas that connect the dots between natural skin care, culture and wellness.      

Get ready. We think 2020 will be a wonderful year for you, your skin and everyone who is touched by you.

Best Regards,

Mary Klest

YASOU Skin Care Blog Topics In 2020

Happy 2020! We hope you had wonderful holidays. It’s a new year with new goals and ambitions. Here at YASOU Skin Care we are excited and energized to present skin care posts that educate and entertain.  We want to bring you the best and most current topics in natural skin care. We have a lot to talk about! Here are just some of the topics we will cover in this blog during 2020.

Sustainable, Clean Beauty. 2020 will be all about sustainability and environmental ethics, the new decade will be essential to the wellbeing of our planet, protecting our oceans and water supply.  The beauty industry will be playing a huge role!

PreBiotics: New Food For Your Skin.   We all know that good health and glowing skin starts from the inside out and then outside in, looing into what the deal is with ProBiotics and PreBiotics.  What are they? Do you need both? What are the benefits?

Skin Care Goes Global-Lessons Learned From Other Cultures.  Looking at the history of skin care from different cultures around the world, we will be bringing you our research insights on what we have learned from different cultures on how to care for your skin.

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