A Broader View of Water’s Benefit for Skin Care

Just looking at a body of water tends to relax us creating an emotional state that benefits our skin. A calm mind is not releasing detrimental cortisol levels that can impact skin smoothness and elasticity. Nearly two thirds of our body is made up of water. Recently, drinkable “beauty waters” have been introduced that claim benefits for the skin. The research is still out on how effective processed or infused beauty waters are. However, we think a broader view of water’s benefit for skin care is called for.


There are known benefits to drinking plain water to replenish and hydrate the skin

  • Water helps flush out toxins giving your skin a fresh glow.
  • Water supports skin suppleness and elasticity.
  • Water helps heal sunburn faster.
  • It keeps your skin hydrated reducing fine lines, sagging, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Water helps metabolize nutrients from food eaten and nourishes cells.
  • Water nourishes all plant and animal life, humans included.

Don’t limit the power of water to only drinking it when it comes to caring for your skin. Water can help beautify your skin through cleansing, soaking, steaming, icing and sweating.


Cleansing & Soaking

The earliest water baths are attributed to the Ancient Greeks. Chambers devoted to bathing that date back to 2,400 – 800 BC were found in Greece by archeologists. They discovered bathtubs made of alabaster, washbasins and footbaths. Baths were at first located near natural hot springs. They later started building bathhouses in cities around the 6th century BC. Unlike the Romans who usually bathed in hot water first and then cold water, the Greeks started with cold water, than hot. Bathing became a part of daily life. They cleaned their wet skin using pumice and ash followed with olive oil, than scraped the skin clean before soaking in hot water pools. They often combined oil with the water to soften their skin, thus creating the first beauty water for skin.


Therapeutic Benefits

The Ancient Greeks appreciated the healing power of water that is one of the reasons why our YASOU Greek-inspired skin care line is water based. Medicinal baths included salts, herbs, and minerals. Epsom salts or clay water were used to draw toxins from the body. Bay laurel leaves were used to stimulate circulation and alleviate rheumatic pain. Water scented with lavender helped calm nerves, promoting relaxation. The soothing nature of water was put to use in promoting good health and skin it was the beginning of creating a luxe wellness experience.

Later, the Romans created steam baths and located them near gyms. Steam dilates skin pores and promotes perspiration. It softens skin making it easier for removing impurities.

Plunging your face in a sink filled with ice and cucumbers can act as a toner giving the skin a natural blush. Icing contracts pores making them less noticeable. It can help reduce dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. Putting ice on skin for bee stings and insect bites will reduce swelling and pain.

Swimming in water is known to reduce inflammation and strengthen the heart muscle. Chlorinated pools may dry out skin so apply a body cream before entering such a pool. Sweating while working out releases toxins that clog skin pores. Sweat also spreads the body’s own natural antibiotics on the skin. Exercising heavy enough to sweat elevates the brain’s endorphins putting you in a better mood.

Water is also found in wholesome foods. Eating such food is the best way for nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to be absorbed by the body.

Don’t limit yourself to just drinking or bathing in water. Appreciate all its states: solid, liquid, and gas. See its benefits in promoting healthy, beautiful skin.

What’s Love Got to Do With Skin Care?

To express love you could write a poem, play a heart rendering song, attend a candlelit dinner, pick up roses, or wrap a box of jewelry. However you do it, to love and be loved is a pleasure that supports healthy skin. Plant kisses, offer a massage, or sit in the back at a romantic movie. Feel-good emotions help reduce stress and build skin cell immunity. Indulge yourself.

Love lets you face the world
When your skin looks and feels good you are ready to face the world. Caring for your skin is a way of expressing self love. Healthy skin is one path our bodies and brains use to indicate what’s stirring inside. When you love the skin you’re in, it shows.

Let the glow grow
Love can help you get your glow on. A happy, joyful person releases endorphins causing increased blood flow that may manifest as skin glow. Endorphins spread like confetti from your brain when it’s trying to keep pain and stress at bay. Some lovely ways to increase endorphins are to eat, laugh, make love, listen to music, drink, exercise with others and sniff lavender.

Love reduces stress
Self-care is important for healthy skin. Desire lights our fire but stress, sadness and anger can cause inflammation that leads to skin disruptions such as acne and rosacea. Happiness and joy reduce inflammation through chemical reactions that include endorphins and neurotransmitters. Stress increases cortisol levels and inhibits enzymes responsible for the healthy production of collagen and elastin.

Love is mindful
The nerve endings in skin are continually communicating with the brain. If you or your significant other experience chronic stress or disturbing emotional issues it may show up on the skin. The mind-skin connection was reported years ago in Harvard Health Publications, Women’s Health Watch. Consider the blush, if you question the skin’s ability to decipher emotions.

Love makes skin stronger
Positive emotions increase skin cell immunity. Strong skin cells are less prone to infection and quicken the skin’s ability to heal. Skin tells a story of how we cope, love, fear, desire and explore. It shows what we’ve been through and how we choose to live life.

A team of researches from Duke University recently demonstrated how emotions can be “seen” using a functional MRI scan. While fascinating, it’s more wonderful to see joy in real life on the faces and in the arms of our loved ones. Our skin allows us to touch and feel. Nurture your skin with natural moisturizing skin cream and you’ll be ready for all that love has to offer.

Share the love and make it special this Valentine’s Day with YASOU natural skin care.