Does Social Media Influence Your Skincare Choices?

Does Social Media Influence Your Skincare Choices?

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Social media has become a mainstream marketing channel where brands and consumers can interact and engage in real time. Because of the sheer number of active users on a social platform and it’s immediacy, it allows brands to introduce new products, new ingredients and new trends. Social media platforms bring shops to the consumers, instead of asking them to visit. Platforms like Instagram are being used as virtual stores with feeds acting as virtual product displays, a user can simply click on a picture to shop or educate themselves on the product, its ingredients and the benefits the consumer will reap.

The growing popularity of social media has played a big role in the evolution of the beauty industry, making it truly global. It’s where you can now go to find and learn about new skin care and skin care trends because of the abundance of immediate information. We can honestly say YES, social media does influence our skin care choices. You just need to seek out influencers and brands you can trust, that share the same values and that offer you results you are seeking. Then you can make choices and purchases faster and smarter than ever before.


(source: influencermarketinghub. photo: cottonbro | pexels.)

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