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Skin-to-Skin Care is Mom’s First Gift

With Mother’s Day approaching we may start thinking not just about what to give mom but what mom has given to us. Of all the gifts, her touch may be at the forefront. I discovered the power of this while reading about skin-to-skin care at the time of birth. It is then that our routines […]

Anti-Acne Diets Won’t Work

For decades those with acne were told to avoid eating oily foods and chocolate, to wash regularly and apply over-the-counter topicals containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to diminish their acne. Diet was not considered a major contributor to acne. Today, it still isn’t. Many health professionals have decided that acne can’t be prevented, that […]

8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

1). SAOR Perfume A great gift, stocking stuffer or just to say Happy Holiday’s to someone you  like. It’s SAOR’s original fragrance a hAon, (Gaelic) It will transport you through the fresh, enchanting, Irish mist blanketing the Irish hillsides. Each 10ml bottle of a hAon pure perfume oil infuses fragrant bergamot, refreshing white tea and alluring, airy musk […]