YASOU Skin Care Concurs: Be You in 2022

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For all we’ve been through in the past couple of years YASOU skin care concurs, there is a no better siren call for 2022 than to be you. This message is spreading through films, art, home offices and fitness centers. The idea affirms that we are all unique individuals with our own outlooks, likes and dislikes. There’s a sense of freedom when you are not only allowed but encouraged to be you. We’re excited to see how many people will embrace this idea. Who will break out, stand up, and close in on who they really are? That’s some of what we will be talking about on the YASOU blog in 2022.


The beauty industry, including skincare, has its trends for those who like to follow. Last year it was CBD facial treatments, fat freezing, dermaplaning and lash lifts. But it was the basics of face creams and moisturizers that people spent the most money on. Bath and body products were elevated, new ingredients introduced and the cult of personality brands flourished.


But what about the rest of us who like to lead rather than follow? Those who want to blaze their own path and cultivate a principled approach to buying, living, and loving. The year 2022 offers us an opportunity to show who we are. Let’s shine!


Here are some of the ideas, topics and how-to’s we will be talking about in our blog this year.


  • Who’s influencing who when making skincare choices. Social media has taken on a big role.


  • How to care for your lips as you age. Unlike your eyeballs that remain a constant size throughout life, lips are different. Learn how to keep your lips supple and enticing.


  • Who knows more about your skin feels than you? It may be time to break out of a routine and listen to your intuition when it comes to skincare.


  • You and your skin are exposed to lots of stressors. Cleansing rituals of the past may be the perfect solution to soothe your skin as well as your soul.


  • Learn what in-person skincare professionals look for in healthy skin.


  • For every season there is a skincare tip that can give your skin the boost it needs.


It has been estimated that on average Americans spend $322 on skincare annually. Vegan-friendly, sustainable packaging, natural multitasking formulas, all began in craft boutique skincare companies such as YASOU. Clean, intentional, and effective skincare is what we do. It’s who we are. Join us in 2022 to see how far you can go in nurturing and protecting your skin. In other words, be you!  (photo: adrienne andersen  |  pexels)







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