Why You Should Rethink Your Skin Care Routine

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Can interrupting your daily skin care routine benefit your skin? Consider how your routine may be limiting your intuitive sense of what your skin actually needs. A rote routine may be blinding you from trying something new. Ask yourself: Am I just going through the motions? What does my skin really need now? You might want to try applying product at different times of the day. For example, check in on your skin after lunch. Stepping out of your routine may cause you to start thinking bigger and bolder or pulling back – adding and subtracting from what you thought you needed. You may want to completely let go of a product and see how your skin responds. Each decision helps you reconnect with your true sense of beauty, beauty that you define for yourself.


Rather than reading usage labels, scan your skin in a mindful way and let your intuition have its way. Intuition is that inner voice or gut feeling that urges you to make choices and take chances. It may tell you daily use is not necessary. You can start rotating products as needed rather than by rote. How does your skin feel to the touch? You may notice a change in dry skin by lowering the water temperature during baths and not overusing soap. Make a mental note or write a list of what you do for your skin and why.


What your routine has dictated in the past may not be best for the present or future. Like all things, skin changes. As it ages skin becomes thinner, less full. The plump deflates and the surface gets rougher. It may be time to switch from a heavy foundation which can amplify wrinkles to simply using a primer and tinted moisturizer. Another simple self-aware tool is a magnifying mirror to really see your skin up close. When skin is looking dull, it’s time to gently exfoliate. Over exfoliation can leave your skin looking raw and irritated. Other factors impacting changes in the skin may include weight gain or loss, stress, climate, sleep, or diet. If big changes have occurred in these areas, assess what you may need to change in your skin care routine.


While we tend to focus mostly on facial skin don’t forget your hands, legs, and feet. They often do more work than your face does so think about how your skin care routine may over- or under- emphasize them.


As you reassess your skin care routine you may conclude that less is more. You may realize that a product you thought too expensive actually lasts twice as long and works wonders on your skin. Overthinking and being persuaded by advertisers should not overrule your intuition. Know what’s best for your skin. Try multiple approaches. Listen to your intuition. You may discover just how unique you are!


(photo: cottonbro | pexels)

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