Why YASOU Appreciates Those Who Cover Natural Skin Care Topics

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Before 2015 winds into high gear I want to thank the following publications, editors and beauty bloggers for their foresight in covering topics on natural skin care and boutique skin care companies including YASOU skin care. They have helped us get the word out on the benefits of natural skin care and continue to provide information that educates the consumer on natural skin care products.

Boutique skin care companies are up against a lot of competition from the big skincare manufacturing firms. We believe demand will grow for crafted, natural skin care formulas that have the feel and refinement of high-end luxury brands.

Here are some of the articles published during 2014:

1. INTERVIEW With LIVING-POSTCARDS GREECE:Theodora Ntovas of YASOU skin care answers our questions.

2. NEWS 247 Greece: How YASOU is Gaining Interest In America.

3. PRODUCT REVIEW-SKIN CARE: YASOU cellular day care.

4. Les Mousquetettes of France reviews YASOU face creams.

5. Green Day Editor’s Pick: YASOU body cream

6. Chicago StartUp YASOU Natural Skin Care Builds Momentum

7. Ultimate Skincare & Beauty Report (REVIEW) Cell Renewal Night Cream From YASOU Skin Care

8. Does Mommy Love it: YASOU SKIN CARE

9. Andrea’s Top Picks: YASOU Skin Care; Beauty Reviews by Andrea

10. BeautySweetSpot: 5 Favorites by Jeannine Morris

11. SunTimes Splash: Things We Love

12. MODERN SALON: YASOU Skin Care Introduces Natural Face Creams

13. CS Magazine: New Obession Creme de la Creme

As people become more educated on how ingredients from nature nurture the skin, their quest for health and beauty will be met in a balanced way. These publications, editors and beauty bloggers are leading the way.

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