Why Minimalist Beauty Works for Today’s Woman

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by Mary Klest | Editor


Just as poetry says a lot in few words, the less-is-more approach within the minimalist beauty movement is changing how women represent themselves. Many industry experts agree this is not a fad or trend. It is a way of being that appreciates one’s natural, authentic features. It embraces a simple process, easy access, multi-purpose products with few ingredients, and natural looking results.

It all begins with your skin. What the skin needs is hydration and exfoliation. That’s it. Products formulated with hyaluronic acid offer good hydration. Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) such as salicylic acid are good at removing dead skin cells from deep in your pores. Alpha hydroxy acids

(AHA) have anti-inflammatory properties and help brighten a dull complexion.

If your complexion needs to be evened out a tinted moisturizer with spf is a good choice. For trouble spots use a color correcting concealer. Two simple tools.

When you want to add some color use an all-in-one multitasking lip and cheek balm. No need for brushes. Use your clean fingers to apply.

Lashes and brows can be shaped, fluffed, and lifted with the wave of a mascara wand. Try a clean product that strengthens your natural attributes.

Be honest, you can probably do without half of what is currently in your bathroom. Minimal can mean using less of what you currently apply. Making good decisions makes us feel good, so be mindful in all of your purchases.

The minimal look extends to packaging. A package itself does not guarantee clean formulations. Don’t be swayed by a pretty package. Always read the labels. Intentional sustainability and avoiding loading landfills are a minimalist step towards decreasing pollution which has a negative impact on skin.

The whole point of the minimalist beauty movement is to look like you, be you and use effective, multi-purpose tools that will not hog your time and attention nor harm your skin or the planet.


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