What’s Hot in Boutique Skin Care for 2015

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Boutique skin care brands are offering unique products and services to people who are drawn to a particular experience that may include superb customer service and a specialized category such as anti-aging or natural skin care. Boutique brands are giving personal attention and educating customers much like a sommelier at a vineyard, a watchmaker or jeweler does. Small boutique skin care brands are relationship based with customer service continuing after a transaction is made. This will continue into 2015 along with several other trends I see coming in the next year.

Something new. Boutique brands will stay relevant by offering new product solutions that they know will aid and appeal to their customers.

Natural skin care. Hot for 2015 are anti-oxidant fruits to meet the increasing demand for more natural product ingredients.

Convenience. It is always an issue in our time-strapped world. Customers expect purchasing to be easy and seamless from wherever they are. Boutique brands will make this easy through online purchasing internationally.

Information. Customers want to know what the product does, its effectiveness and often what ingredients are contained in the product. This will all be spelled out either on packaging or through the brand website.

Partnerships. Boutique skin care products may be found at the local day spa. For example, a natural skin care brand may sell to spas that promise an all-natural experience for their customers.

Gender bridge. Men are paying more attention to skin care and expanding their toiletries to include moisturizers and body washes. Boutique skin care brands will be positioned to serve this target market.

DIY. Boutique skin care brands will be introducing products that re-create the spa experience at home.

Social responsibility. This will be seen in three ways – more social media activity from boutique brands on the Web as well as working with charities, and also providing recyclable sustainable packaging.

Global influences. Like chefs who travel to other countries to taste cuisine, boutique skin care brands will be adding ingredients and incorporating influences from across the world.

Friendly Approach. The sales pitch is replaced with solutions based on expertise that’s served with a smile. Boutique skin care brands will go beyond satisfying a need. They will spread joy through their appreciation of customers who choose quality products carefully designed for them.

Happy New Year!

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