What Is Skincare Microdosing?

What Is Skincare Microdosing?

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What Is Skincare Microdosing?

Skincare Microdosing is using lower concentrations of active ingredients like vitamin C, exfoliation acids and retinol to name a few. These active are found in most skin care products sold today. Microdosing is when active ingredients are diluted at lower concentrations,reducing the risk of negative reactions but still giving you results. Microdosing allows the skin to adpate to these actives in a smoother adjustment period. It’s about finding your sweet spot in order to reap the benefits, such as increased cell turnover, anti-ageing and fighting acne. keeping your skin barrier healthy and strong.

Skincare Microdosing is dermatologically recommended for those with fragile and compromised complexions, such as eczema, rosacea or sensitive skin, and to be practiced with any skin care ingredient that is known to be potentially irritating or cause sensitivity to the skin, known as “actives”.

Remember If deciding to practice Skincare Micordosing it will take some time to find that “sweet spot” but when you do you’ll be able to reap all those benefits that otherwise you couldn’t.


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