Using Face Masks and Skin Care Follow Up

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Face masks can be a good way to get your glow on. It’s a skin care pick-me-up for whenever you think your skin needs some pampering. Perhaps you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you’ve been outdoors too long, making your skin feel withered. Maybe you need to clear up some blemishes. Face masks can help revitalize the skin. What kind should you use and how do you keep your skin in shape before and after using a face mask?

Which face mask is right
Face mask type depends on what results you are seeking and what kind of lifestyle you lead. Here are a number of reasons people use face masks:

1. Deep cleansing
2. Soothe sunburned or wind chapped skin
3. Recover from jet lag dryness
4. Clear up blemishes
5. Firm and tone
6. Brighten
7. Heal scar tissue
8. Improve elasticity
9. Shrink pores
10. Soothe, calm
11. Moisturize, hydrate
12. Restore vital nutrients
13. Balance skin oils
14. Anti-stress, regenerate
15 Anti-aging
16. Stimulate circulation

Many good face masks exist in the market but they are only good if you use them and use them correctly. Some are more convenient than others. You need to decide what your skin care priorities are and assess what product fits your lifestyle. Here are some questions to ask your self before investing in a face mask product.

Is it easy to apply and remove?
Some face masks are easier than others to apply and remove. Masks that act like moisturizers are absorbed by the skin and require little time or effort. Others may require a long drying time, combining and mixing ingredients, or demand additional cleanser to remove.

How much time is needed? Read the instruction to determine how long the mask needs to be on to be effective. Observe how quickly it takes to dry. Leaving clay masks on too long can strip the skin of moisture. If your skin starts to burn or sting wash the mask off immediately.

Does the face mask include natural, organic, vegan ingredients?
This is important to many people. Read the label for a list of ingredients. Note that high amounts of alcohol will dry out the skin and may cause irritation. Try products that contain fruit enzymes, vitamins, honey, shea butter, and natural essential oils.

Is it a good sensory experience?
Some people don’t like the feeling of mud drying on their face. Product textures can run the gamut from oils or creams to peels and gels. If a pleasant aroma is important to you find a face mask that smells good. Some masks are made with the intent of soothing and relaxing the senses.

How long will results last?
If you are attending an important event you may apply the face mask the day before and not worry about long-lasting results. If you are applying a mask as a weekly or monthly routine observe what kind of results you are getting and for how long. Some products will give an indication of what results you can expect and for how long.

One concern with using face masks may be how to continually nourish your skin so it remains bright, smooth, firm and soft after the face mask comes off. To help ensure you continue to nourish your skin before and after face mask use we suggest applying an all natural day face cream and night face cream. It’s like using a conditioner after shampooing your hair. To get the best look and feel practice daily skin care with products you love.

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