The Lymphatic Link: Vibrant Skin and Lymphatic Health

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Lymphatic Health: Summer presents us with an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate a sluggish lymphatic system for the sake of our skin’s vitality. Let’s explore the link between the lymphatic system and a healthy complexion.


What does the lymphatic system do?

Your remarkable body is home to a complex circulatory system that consists of two vital components: your blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation—an essential sub-circulatory system.

The lymphatic system consists of a network of  lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs which works to carry away waste, toxins, and excess fluid from our tissues. The lymph vessels collect excess fluid from tissues and carry it to the lymph nodes. Next, the lymph nodes act as a filter for the lymph by removing foreign particles, such as bacteria and viruses. Once filtered, the lymph then flows back into the bloodstream.

Unlike your blood circulatory system which is automatically pumped around the body by the heart, your lymphatic system relies on manual stimulation to push lymph through the body to carry out its cleansing and detoxifying role.

Exercise, massage, dry body brushing, and drinking enough water can all keep your lymphatic system ticking along in good health.


The link between your skin and the lymphatic system

Your skin and lymphatic system share a profound connection.

Your lymphatic system influences the wellbeing of your skin by removing waste and toxins from the skin’s layers, promoting a clearer complexion.

What you put on your skin influences the health of your lymphatic system, too. When we apply formulas with chemicals or our skin is exposed to pollution or things like household cleaning products, we increase the toxic load in our bodies. In turn, more pressure is placed on the lymphatic system.

This symbiotic relationship highlights the importance of taking care of our lymphatic system as part of a holistic approach for radiant skin.


Inflammatory skin conditions

Skin inflammation is a key characteristic of many skin issues like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and damage from UV light. These conditions typically involve long-lasting inflammation.

Research tells us that in these situations the lymphatic system often behaves abnormally. For instance, in people with psoriasis, the lymphatic vessels within the affected skin patches become enlarged and twisted.

A study published in 2018 suggested that manual lymph drainage (MLD) massage may help to improve the skin’s immune function and reduce inflammation.

In addition to the scientific studies, there is also a long tradition of using facial massage to help to improve lymphatic drainage in the face, easing eye puffiness and improving skin health overall.  For example, in Chinese medicine, Gua sha facial massage with is often used to improve circulation and reduce water retention.


Stimulate your lymphatic system with massage and dry body brushing 

The summer season is an opportune time to prioritize our lymphatic system’s health. While the colder months may have left us more sedentary, the arrival of warmer days is your ideal opportunity to awaken a sluggish lymph system.

Massage and dry body brushing are both wonderful acts of self-care that can double as a wonderful opportunity to stimulate your lymphatic system by:

  • Opening the lymph vessels
  • Increasing the pressure in the lymph vessels
  • Moving the lymph fluid along the vessels

We’ve covered quick skincare massage techniques here so if you’re looking for a guide of how to get started or fit these into a busy routine.


Dry body brushing 

This technique involves using a gentle bristle brush on either the body or face, and gently brushing the skin in a specific pattern. While there is a lack of extensive scientific research on dry brushing, there is much anecdotal evidence that highlights the benefits of this practice for skin exfoliation, improved circulation, and a positive impact on lymphatic flow.

These therapeutic practices not only benefit our skin but also provide a tranquil and indulgent experience, bringing a sense of serenity to our daily lives.

Lymphatic drainage is usually safe, but if you have these conditions, you should ask your doctor first: a high chance of getting blood clots, an ongoing infection in your lymphatic system or swelling for no clear reason.


Supporting lymphatic health with non-toxic, natural skincare

Many commercial skincare products contain chemicals and endocrine disruptors that can burden our lymphatic system and disrupt its delicate balance.

Choosing non-toxic, natural skincare formulations, lightens the load we place on our lymphatic system.  Look for products enriched with botanical extracts, pure essential oils, and organic ingredients known for their gentle and supportive properties.

These conscious choices not only enhance the well-being of our lymphatic system but also promote overall wellness and harmony within our bodies.

Healthy skin is our first priority at YASOU. Our skin care products come from natural origins, through reputable growers and suppliers. You will not find any of these toxins in our products: parabens, artificial fragrances. petroleum derivatives, silicones or sulfates and the scents we use come from natural essential oils. Explore YASOU today.

Through mindful practices, such as body and face massage, and by choosing non-toxic, natural skincare, we honor the intrinsic connection between our lymphatic system and skin.


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