The Basics : 101 Skin Care For Men

The Basics: 101 Skin Care For Men

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The Basics: 101 Skin  Care for men starts with understanding men’s skincare needs differ from those of women.  Their layers of skin tend to be thicker and they have smaller pores. Men’s oil glands produce more lubrication (oil) for their skin and it lasts longer than women’s. This gives men an extra anti-aging defense. But even with this extra lubrication they still need a proper skin care regime with quality products that are suitable for their skin types just like women do.  Some experts believe if the skin care products contain high quality ingredients they are suitable for either gender. I agree.

Men have different skin care challenges than women, primarily because they have traditionally taken less care of their skin.  Men’s skin tends to be exposed more often to damaging environmental elements.  Studies show than men tend to have a higher incidence of all forms of skin cancer (this applies specifically to Caucasian men in the USA). Another challenge to men’s skin is the daily SHAVE.

Daily shaving destroys the hydrolipidic film leading to the loss of their natural lubrication and protection. Daily shaving, especially a close shave can cause scraping and niches to the skin leaving it more sensitive and irritated.  This  can cause dry and dull skin for men starting at an early age.

The first line of defense is moisturizing. Men NEED to moisturize regularly to keep their skin hydrated and healthy.   Men not only need to moisturize their face but need to moisturize their body as well using appropriate products for each.

Men should look for a natural/organic face moisturizer that promotes hydration, skin cell regeneration, and is healing.  It should be rich in essential fatty acids, oils, vitamins (especially A, C & E) botanical (green tea) and/or fruit extracts and anti oxidants.  We recommend YASOU cellular day cream and /or YASOU cell renewal night cream for the face and YASOU hydrating body cream or the body 

My husband, Ray, uses YASOU cell renewal night cream for his face. He has seen his face become hydrated, toned with a huge reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. He also uses YASOU body cream for key areas on his body that become extremely dry like his elbows, knees and legs. He is always telling me that he needs the body cream with him especially when he travels.

A customer and friend named Mike, who is a real estate agent in Chicago, used YASOU cell renewal night cream and called to let me know that it helped the puffiness under his eyes, even though he didn’t use it on his eyes but just his face.

In another example an IT professional and customer told me that he uses YASOU body cream for his extremely dry feet. He was not concerned about pricing due to the excellent results he achieved, unparalleled by other products he tried.

Father’s Day is right around the corner why not give your special man or father the gift of YASOU this Father’s Day- Make it special!


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