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Tayonon Holistics: Why You Should Be Dry Brushing

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Dry Brushing involves a gentle scrubbing down of the entire body with a soft but firm brush to remove the thin layer of dry dead skin.  It’s an ancient technique that has resurfaced today and has existed in different cultures for centuries as a beauty and health practice. Each culture has its own preference on incorporating ingredients and style to this technique.   All of them are AMAZING with similar and beneficial end-results. The treatment is known to enhance circulation to the lymph and digestive system as well as hydration to the skin when you apply moisturizer after the brushing.

Today we are speaking with one of our favorite wellness partners Tayonon Gbala of Tayonon Holistics to ask her some question about Dry Brushing and why we should do it.

YASOU: Hello Tayonon.   Thank you for speaking with us today about Dry Bushing but first can you give us a short overview about what you do and what services you offer?

Tayonon:  Your very welcome, it’s always a pleasure to share. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, and a holistics massage therapist. I am an expert in my field of self-care and personal well-being with 18 ½ years of professional experience under my belt.  I take an integrative approach to my work. I teach and facilitate awareness. My services center around guidance on how to connect my clients deeper sense of awareness to healthful action. The service offerings are based in traditional western style massage therapy, body treatments, aromatherapy, guided breath work, meditation and Asian body work. One on one education, implementation and life integration of daily self-care practices and regimes. More specifically Swedish, Myofascial, and Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy massage, essential oil consultations, Japanese Shiatsu pressure point work, table and floor Thai massage and programs.

YASOU: You have a lot of experience that’s why we wanted to speak with you. We have been wellness partners now for about three years and we have learned so much from you about what wellness means and the connection of it to health and beauty.   With all that said. Why is Dry Brushing important?

Tayonon:  Dry brushing is important for many reasons. The most important is that your skin is the largest organ in your body and is responsible for a significant amount of our body’s daily detoxification process. Dry brushing your skin improves the process of toxin removal, it increases blood circulation and helps your skin absorb nutrients. Dry brushing on a regular basis sets your skin up perfectly to receive proper hydration. Properly hydrated skin equals healthy skin.

YASOU: What are the health and skin benefits of it?

Tayonon: The health and skin benefits of regular dry brushing are vast,  a few of the best benefits in my opinion are improvement of internal body functions like digestion, kidney function and rejuvenation of  your nervous system that promotes stress relief. The Skin benefits are brighter, smoother exfoliated skin with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and the removal of dead skin cells that promotes cell renewal bringing forth fresh newly regenerated skin.

YASOU:You have created a dry brushing treatment for YASOU skin care called “Nero” Dry Brushing treatment can you tell our audience about it?

Tayonon: YASOU! (YASOU in Greek means “a toast to your health”) This treatment is a toast to your health and a celebration of your skin. Nero is the Greek word for water meaning to restore moisture. The “Nero” dry brushing body treatment  was designed to detoxify the body, boost your immunity, rehydrate your skin and reduce stress. This service consist of a full body dry skin brushing technique, a hot towel compress that soothes and cleanses your exfoliated skin. Next your skin will have a swedish massage treatment applying YASOU hydrating body cream which will quickly be absorbed into your skin on a cellular level. This application will thoroughly rehydrate your skin and set in your body’s relaxation response significantly reducing stress in your mind and body that will last long after your treatment.

YASOU:Why did you create this treatment?

Tayonon:  I created this treatment to teach and encourage my clients to implement and integrate the healthful practice of dry skin brushing and hydrating your skin as a home care routine. In addition I recommend receiving a professional treatment seasonally and making it a staple of your seasonal wellness regime. This promotes an ease of health in your mind & body during the transitions from one season to the next.

Lastly, I want to express how important water is to the proper function of our bodies and to life itself. Regularly replenishing your water through drinking fluids, eating hydrating foods and using topical water based products like YASOU skin care can help your body replenish the daily loss of water it experiences. This is very important because if water is not replenished adequately in our bodies it can cause dysfunction and damage to your health.  Replenishing the water in your body makes a tremendous difference in whether or not you experience OPTIMAL total health

YASOU: Can you please give us info. on how someone can book an appointment with you to have the “Nero”  Dry Brushing Treatment?

Tayonon: You can book and receive your “Nero Dry Brushing Treatment” at the private boutique office of Tayonon Holistics located in the Chicago neighborhood of River North 820 North Orleans St., Chicago, IL 60610 or at Serenity Acupuncture located at 503 Madison Ave., Oak Park, IL 60304

Please call or email for your appointment 630-235-8954

YASOU:  Thank you Tayonon for speaking with us today and for all you do.  We love you!

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