How to Take Care of Your Skin While Traveling

Skincare Must-Haves When You Travel

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Travel can stress your skin whether it be from a change in climate or diet or just busting out of your routine. But with a few skin care must-haves you can manage whatever conditions you encounter. After all, that’s what travel brings out in us – resilience and exploration. Whether you’re flying across continents, driving to a nearby state, or cycling cross country don’t forget to take care of your skin.

When traveling air makes a difference. In dry, arid places keep a water bottle with you and replenish your water supply as needed. When your skin lacks moisture it breaks out, dries up and dehydrates. Arid regions are obviously dry but cold mountain air dries out the skin quicker than you might think. Drink plenty of water. Traveling to where the air is warm and humid can cause your skin to release sebum and clog your pores.

A change in diet is likely when you travel. Foods carefully prepared at home are replaced with grab and go items, restaurant menus and local delicacies that may contain lots of sodium, fat and sugar which can puff, dull, and blemish your skin.

Your routine is disrupted when the simple act of washing your face becomes a challenge while camping or sleeping at the airport. Once you hit a hotel you may be tempted to use the skin care products provided in small plastic bottles. Don’t. These products may agitate your skin leading to breakouts and who knows what else.

Even when you’re planning to relax, travel can be stressful. Connections have a set time and location. If missed, anxiety may cause the skin to flush and break out.

My skin care must-haves when traveling take into consideration my preference for traveling light and sustainably. When boarding an airplane, products must not exceed 3.4 ounces. Here are the skin care items I take.

Gentle facial cleanser. Apply only what you need onto your fingertips and massage onto wet face. Rinse with water. I don’t like face wipes because most contain ingredients that dry the skin. As always check the labels.

Toner. Spray your face for an instant refresh that also offers a base for absorbing moisturizer and other skin care products.

Face cream. As mentioned above, the skin dries out considerably while on airplanes and in dry climates. Start each day with a dab of vegan cellular day cream and end it with a vegan cellular night cream to protect and nourish your face.

Hydrating body cream. Legs, arms, and torso can all be soothed with a good hydrating body cream while traveling. Keep it simple with a natural product containing organic ingredients. I also bring a hydrating hand cream to keep my hands soft and smooth.

Sunscreen. The sun may not be shining everyday, but its rays are always reaching our Earth and body. Protect your skin with an SPF of 30 or more.

Lip elixir. Don’t let your lips become chapped and cracked due to sun or cold exposure. Apply a lip treatment that protects the lips delicate balance and gives them a full, plumped youthful look. Yasou’s vegan lip elixir also freshens the breath. Seal the elixir with your favorite oil, balm, or wax. I don’t travel without it.

This is all you really need to keep your skin feeling fresh and fantastic. Enjoy your travels and bring home photos of you looking your best!

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