Refillment Challenge | Hydrating Body Cream

Refillment Challenge For Retailers or Wholesalers :

Our 13oz tubs are part of YASOU’s refillment challenge. do you dare? If you would like to participate just gently hand wash your 13oz. jar and cap, completely dry them and return the jar and cap to us and we will refill it and you will receive 15% OFF the retail price. Not only will you be practicing sustainability for our planet you’ll get a discount too. To refill you can visit us at one of our markets or events bring your clean 13oz. jar and we will re-sanitize the jar (food grade sanitizer), dry it, refill it and you’ll receive 15% OFF the retail price. You can always find where we will under our official promos, events and rewards tab.

A few things to note the frosted jar after washing will become a clear jar eventually. The frosted technique is spray painted with recyclable paint because if it was real frosted glass it would not be recyclable. The clear glass can be rewashed as often as you like to participate in the refillment challenge and is completely reyclable. We are excited to offer this program to you and look forward to making this work and doing our part in living a more sustainable life one step at a time. So we ask you to take the callenge- the refillment challenge with us.


*If you are interested in wholesaling and participating in our refillement challenge please call us at 630.956.4163 or email us: to learn more about the program and about our pricing for the gallon jugs of cream.  They can also be used for your back bar!


Hydrating Body Cream

with essential oils or aroma free

Rescue dry, rough skin with our restorative, Greek-inspired body cream to hydrate, firm and replenish. Locks in lasting moisture for all-over softness, revealing smooth and perfectly hydrated skin.

This ultra-luxe 99.5% natural, artisanal formula absorbs rapidly and fortifies the skin’s barrier function to protect against daily moisture depletion. Meticulously chosen botanical extracts and oils also promote cellular renewal and tighter, more supple-looking skin. We ask you again are you ready to take the challenge- the refillment challenge? Give it a try I think you’ll adore the cream and you’ll be contributig to a refillment challenge that should be practiced as a norm!