Pumpkin For A DIY Skin Care Product

Pumpkin For A DIY Skin Care Product

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Happy Halloween everyone initially I wanted to do a short blog post on my top 10 DIY products using pumpkin but came upon a great article called “Spotting an Unsafe DIY Pumpkin Skin Care Recipe” by Angela Plamer of “Farm Girl Soap Co.” and thought this topic was way more important than giving you my top 10 DIY pumpkin recipes.

We meaning all you skin care enthusiasts know how great of an ingredient pumpkin is for your skin because it’s loaded with exfoliating enzymes, vitamins A and C and it’s just a skin superfood (also known to tighten the skin).

Here’s the problem, when incorporating fresh or canned pumpkin into you’re DIY skin care products they can quickly turn into a veritable petri dish of mold, yeast, and bacteria which you may never notice. These DIY pumpkin skin care recipes need to be refrigerated and used within 3 to 4 days tops!  Please note any pumpkin skin care recipe you find online stating they can be left on your shelf or counter for weeks is incorrect. In fact, this is the case with most DIYproducts.

If you would like to learn safe ways of using pumpkin in your skin care recipes please take a look at the article I found called Spotting an Unsafe DIY Pumpkin Skin Care Recipe” by esthetician Angela Palmer founder of Girl Soap Co.

I just had to repurpose this article because I found it super informative and thought you would as well.



(photo: Kristina paukshtite | pexels)

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