On-the-Go Food That’s Good For Your Skin

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What you eat matters when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. Because of our busy lifestyles we sometimes grab whatever is convenient to appease our appetite. Here are some on-the-go foods that contain properties known to nurture the skin. These whole, natural foods and beverages are good choices when you find yourself hungry and in a hurry. If you don’t have time to sit in a restaurant or prepare food, choose convenient food that’s good for your skin.

Greek yogurt
Pick up a single serving of Greek yogurt at the grocery store to support a smooth complexion. Greek yogurt contains more protein, vitamins and nutrients that are good for your skin than regular yogurt. Make sure you are picking up more authentic Greek yogurt- it should be thick!

A handful of walnuts is a good snack that delivers skin nurturing Omega 3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid to improve skin elasticity.

Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E and other anti-oxidants that help fight off inflammation that may cause acne. They help protect against damage from the sun. The essential fatty acid content of sunflower seeds is also beneficial to the skin.

Olive oil contains mono-saturated fatty acids, antioxidants including Vitamin E, and polyphenols such as oleic acid that are known to reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. You can increase your consumption by choosing an olive oil based dressing at a salad bar or select appetizers that contain olive oil such as spreads, dips, or sauces. You can buy a jar of olives and eat them as a snack. Add an olive to your drink.

Oatmeal breakfast and snack bars are readily available in most convenient stores. Oatmeal contains protein and fiber and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Some bars are better than others. Read the nutrition label for sugar content, number of calories, and grams of protein and fiber.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains flavonols that help protect your skin from UV light damage. Flavonols also battle free radicals and increase blood flow. Look for dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cacao. When calories are a concern, limit consumption to one ounce per day.


Drinking a bottle of water will help you stay hydrated and avoid sugary drinks. Drop a lemon or orange peel inside to add flavor and limonene, which is an oil in the peel that can help protect the skin from UV light.

Green tea
Order a cup of green tea or purchase it by the bottle to get the polyphenols known to support more elastic skin and a smooth complexion. They also can reduce damage caused by the sun. Catechins in green tea deliver nutrients to skin cells.

A research study with women showed that coffee drinkers had a lower incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer. Caffeine also has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce redness in skin.

When you find yourself in a hurry choose convenient, natural foods to satisfy your hunger as well as your skin. Let us know if you have any good for your skin convenient foods we should add to the list.

In our next post we will be sharing our Five Best Do-It-Yourself all natural recipes to help cleanse the skin.

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Ilene Silver
Ilene Silver
7 years ago

I consume all of these items, my skin is pretty good for 60 too! Thanks for the list, Terry!

Theodora Ntovas
Theodora Ntovas
7 years ago
Reply to  Ilene Silver


7 years ago

Great, all are in my kitchen and in my tummy!
Nice job.

Dorit Keren
Dorit Keren
7 years ago

coconut water, all kinds of berries, fruit such as, apples, pears.

Also vegetables are great for your skin & easy to take with you when you are in hurry..

7 years ago

All but coffee! Thank you for the sample skin cream; excited as I watch it do wonders on my face! This will be a blog near and dear to my heart going forward- love your skin; love yourself!