Natural Skincare Suggestions for Sagging Skin

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With age comes wisdom and sagging skin. A loss of collagen is one of the age related reasons for sagging skin. Another reason is the loss of healthy facial fat. At around age 35, collagen, elastin and muscle tone start to decrease. By ages 50 or 60 the skin’s outer layer thins, gets rougher and starts to sag. Subaceous glands produce less oil, leaving skin dry and susceptible to wrinkles and sagging.

The layer of fat on the face diminishes. How can you be proactive about preventing skin that sags?

Here are some suggestions.

Age, smoking, sun exposure and quick weight loss all contribute to collagen and elastin breakdown. Skin elasticity will conform better with a gradual weight loss. Hydrate the skin, moisturize, apply sunscreen, and exfoliate.

Get enough sleep. To help prevent sagging skin sleep on your back suggests Dr. Michael Edwards, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Nutrition is a key component to overall skin health. Protein is beneficial to skin elasticity. Strawberries contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports collagen fibers.

Consider a weekly massage or facial to improve circulation. Use a dry brush with natural soft fibers prior to washing your face. It helps exfoliate your skin and increases circulation. Good circulation brings important nutrients to the skin.

Be proactive in protecting your skin. Exfoliating gels, natural scrubs and facial masks may be effective in preventing further damage and delay sagging.

Read ingredients lists on skincare product labels to ensure you are getting the best natural formula to boost collagen.

Don’t bother doing facial exercises. Doctors agree that facial exercises do not tighten or firm sagging skin. It can actually be detrimental by causing expression lines. Yes, over action of facial muscles may cause wrinkles. It doesn’t tighten skin but stretches it out.

Know what works and what doesn’t when addressing or preventing sagging skin. Makeup artists emphasize keeping the skin clean, and using a firming cream by day and a night cream with good active ingredients. Estheticians say keep the skin well moisturized and exfoliate. Some recommend adding a lifting serum to a skin care regimen.

Even plastic surgeons sometimes recommend non-surgical options for sagging skin. The right formula in topical creams can help while also providing preventative qualities. Ingredients that help lift and firm the skin naturally include extracts of green tea, cucumber and grape seed; jojoba oil and vitamin C all of which alert the body to produce collagen naturally. Relying on the body’s natural healing processes can support the internal structure of the skin keeping it firm and elastic.

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8 years ago

Good informative blog.nice post.

8 years ago

I have read in some books that applying lemon and cucumber mixed with milk every morning also helps your skin? Is that true, do you have any review about the same