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Natural Skincare Satisfies Boomer Generation

by | Sep 21, 2015 | > Fun and Educational, > Natural Skin Care | 3 comments

The back to nature, give peace a chance, forever young generation of baby boomers is not slowing down the way their parents did. Today’s boomers are more active and health conscious than previous generations. As they take note of what they are putting into their bodies they are also taking a closer look at what they put on their bodies. They are embracing natural skincare products that contain safe, natural ingredients.

For them, the young and pretty ideal image of youth is being replaced with a wise and healthy look. Skin changes over the decades and so do routines, priorities and products. That’s why Boomers are keeping up on what’s new and effective. They are looking into boutique natural skincare products that support skin vitality.

Some of the factors that determine how skin ages are lifestyle, heredity and diet. Boomers may notice their skin getting rougher, looser, thinner and flatter than it once was. The skin starts loosing elasticity as people enter their 30’s and 40s. But lifestyle choices can mitigate some of the effects of aging on skin.

Obesity is a problem that plagues the boomer generation. Nearly 36 percent of them are categorized as such. Obesity can affect the skin. It is linked to an increased risk of skin infection, poor wound healing, malignant melanoma and an increased risk of inflammatory diseases including psoriasis.

Some Boomers may also experience skin problems relating to medication use. Rashes, skin flora disturbance (where bacteria or fungi normally found on the skin are altered, allowing other skin diseases to set in), or aggravation of an existing skin condition may be linked to medications. Such skin symptoms should be checked by a doctor.

One of the best lifestyle decisions Boomers can make for their skin is to exercise daily. In one study, researchers found that those age 40 and even those over age 65 who started exercising frequently have healthier and thicker layers in their skin composition compared with their sedentary contemporaries. The mature exercisers’ skin composition actually compared more favorably with much younger adults in their 20s and 30s.

At YASOU we believe all can obtain a healthy look. No matter what your age, feeling comfortable in your own skin projects confidence. Like exercising, a daily routine of applying natural skincare with moisturizing and protective properties, will strengthen and enhance your skin.

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8 years ago

“The mature exercisers’ skin composition actually compared more favorably with much younger adults in their 20s and 30s.”

If I were older, this would definitely motivate me to exercise! I’ll try to remember this ~30 years from now when I’m trying to think of an excuse not to 🙂

Evie Sterne
Evie Sterne
8 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing blog, It’s really beneficial for all age generations. Even I am using natural skin care products only from the age of 20’s. It helps me a lot in getting healthier and glowing skin without affecting my natural beauty. I’ll highly recommend to all those who’re in search of best natural skin care products online.

Mario -
Mario -
8 years ago

Interesting view. Going back to nature ingredients is something I also interested for my skin care, not to mention keeping my body weight to normal level. Although regular consultation is also a good way to know more and get a broader view about its condition and to look for the best treatment.