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Make Skin Care A Part of Your Wellness Plan

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A wellness plan goes beyond caring for the physical body. But it’s the body that has a way of alerting us when the multiple dimensions of our life are out of balance. For example, we know that stress can influence acne and other skin conditions. A holistic wellness plan considers a person’s environment, occupation, spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social life. Here are some ideas on why skin care should be part of your wellness plan.

Wellness Goal
Write down your specific wellness goals. Your list should take into consideration mind, body and soul. Taking care of your body may include increasing exercise and reducing stress but it may also include enjoying a massage or pampering your body with a luxe, all natural body cream at

Act Everyday
Use your skin care routine to promote daily routines. Each day without much thought you wash your face, apply moisturizer, add sunscreen, cleanse at night and apply a skin protecting night cream. Make your wellness actions a habit too. If you’re goal is to reduce stress write down three actions you will take each day and when.

This could be as simple as meditating for 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Yogis and mindfulness proponents often begin by relaxing the muscles in the face. Inducing this kind of relaxation response diminishes muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and slows heart rates. Beneficial effects are also seen in the immune system. In one study of people with psoriasis, those who meditated regularly healed four times faster than those who didn’t meditate.

Choose Wisely
Don’t try to do everything at once. But do persist at what you’ve decided to do. Keeping your skin healthy does not require using a lot of different products with multiple ingredients. In fact, some ingredients can cancel each other out or in combination can cause skin irritation. Like many wellness activities, the simpler it is, the better because you are more likely to stick to it.

Eat Well
What we put in our body affects our skin and our energy level. Shun processed food. Opt for organic fruits and vegetables especially the ones loaded with anti-oxidants, Vitamins A, E and C as well as extra virgin olive oil all of which are known to support healthy skin. Drink water to keep your skin moist and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Give it some time
Don’t be too quick to abandon your routine or judge its effectiveness. It may take some time. For example, changing skin care products every few weeks may be counterproductive. Finish what you started and then make an assessment.

Reward Yourself
Well-being begins with how we view the world, how we plan and how we act. Chances are that achieving your wellness goal will be its own reward. You will look and feel better. Your skin is the outward appearance of the healthy choices you’ve made.

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7 years ago

HI, . Here i want to add my word, Healthy glow does come first and leading from the inside, not just from your beautiful personalities, but from what you eat – that’s the real secret of glowing skin, if you want looks good then, you need to eat food like kale and spinach, cucumber and celery, avocado, nuts and coconut and many more..

Eleni Papanicolaou
Eleni Papanicolaou
7 years ago

Theodora is right in everything she says. Eating right is very important since the skin gets its nutrients through the blood circulation. The only thing I would add would be to include in your daily routine some form of mld exfoliation. Your skin will benefit in two ways:
a) You get rid of the dead skin cells and speed up the process of new cells to surface
b) You activate the blood circulation which will bring the right nutrients to your skin.

Renewing Serum videos
Renewing Serum videos
7 years ago

I do believe that you have to invest in your skin too! That’s the first thing people notice to you. But that’s not the reason why you have to take care of it. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness at the same time if you know for a fact that you have a healthy, glowing and fairer skin. So it’s really true that it should be part of every individuals wellness plan. Thanks for sharing a post like this and making us all aware of it. And thanks for the ideas, tips and advice as well on how we can effectively do it.

7 years ago

Thanks for the tips to make my skin more healthy. This post is really beneficial for all of us.