Make It A Luxe Holiday Season This Year

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People may have different ideas of what luxe means. Is it short for deluxe (sumptuous) or luxury (lavish)? The word luxe isn’t found in a dictionary. But when you feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it, or see it, you know it. Adding some luxe to your life isn’t another goal to obtain. It’s a way of being good to your self. Life has its challenges – but also its rewards.


A luxe experience may be as simple as noticing the light from wax candles that don’t burn too fast. A luxe product may not be exclusive, but the way you use it, is. Luxe doesn’t mean over-the-top expensive. It’s reasonably priced with a benefit that convinces you of its value.


At YASOU skin care, luxe is an idea that we embrace. It is an experience or product that awakens your sense of the good life. It is the stylish handbag with a grip that feels good and looks fabulous in your hand or slung over your shoulder.


It’s the soft and cozy texture of a blanket made of organic cotton.


The brief scent of essential oils.


A tranquil get away spot.


A piece of dark chocolate from pastry Chef Katherine Clapner.


Soaking in a tub to soothe a desire.


A bright sunflower-colored tablecloth made in France.


An elegant gesture.


A funky artisan boutique versus a big box store.


I think you understand what we are trying to say.


We describe YASOU skin care as a luxe product because of the richness of its natural ingredients, the luxurious feeling when applied, and its ability to protect and nurture the skin. YASOU body cream evokes a relaxing spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. YASOU face creams shelter the ageless, natural beauty that surrounds your smile and eyes. Putting a little luxe in your life brings about a special awareness of being pampered and cared for. A feeling that says: “This is the best and and healthiest way to live.”   This holiday when you are out and about shopping for your friends and loved ones ask yourself is there a luxe experience here for my special someone? I think taking a second to think about that can make the difference of giving something special or just giving a gift because you feel you need to.

(image: Joel Papailini | pexels)

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