Love Your Lips

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Love Your Lips

You can love with your lips but do you love your lips? It’s time to show your lips some self-love. If you ever stop to think about and not just look at your lips, you will be amazed at the role they play in your everyday life. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about lips is often the romantic kiss. Lips are a sensory organ. When stimulated, we get excited. It’s the way nature intended. Be inspired and find some tips for healthy lips and natural lip care below.

“She was darkness and he was darkness and there had never been anything before this time, only darkness and his lips upon her.” Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind

Lips are the most touch-sensitive part of the body containing more than a million different nerve endings. That outnumbers the sensitivity of your fingertips by one hundred times.

“Lips are the fingerprints of love.”– Tyler Shields, Photographer

Like fingerprints, every pair of lips is unique to an individual and leave their own print mark.

“Parting her lips, I deepen the kiss. It’s like a tango, first moving slow and rhythmic and then, when we’re both panting and our tongues collide, the kiss turns into a hot, fast dance I never want to end.” – Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

Many facial muscles act on the lips, but they have their own muscles as well.
Kissing actually helps tone your facial muscles, so go ahead and kiss often!

“I was sitting beside her in the shade of the café. And the curve in her lips paused time!”
– Avijeet Das, India poet and writer

That center curl on the upper lip is referred to as the Cupid’s bow because its shape resembles the bow carried by the Roman god of erotic love, Cupid.

But let’s not forget that the kiss is not just meant for romance. Friends and family offer kisses to each other, and millions of people across the globe practice social norms that include a kiss on the cheek when greeting or leaving someone. In this context you might say lips are our best ambassadors to the world!

“Peace begins with a smile…” – Mother Theresa

We communicate our mood with a simple curl of the lip. Upward is a smile, downward is a frown. We whistle and play wind instruments with our lips. Our lips also serve as an entry point for food, help us articulate the sounds of words and act as a border between our facial skin and the interior of our mouth.

“I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.” – Charles Dickens

Typical facial skin consists of 16 cellular layers. But the skin on our lips is thin with only three to five cellular layers. Lips are not protected by sweat or body oils. They can easily dry out and become chapped. With little melanin pigment to protect against the sun they become vulnerable. One way to love your lips is to use a natural lip balm to moisturize and natural zinc oxide-based sunscreen to avoid UV rays.

“There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the traveler’s being.” Patrick MacGill

What gives lips their color are capillaries in the mucous membrane closest to the surface of the lip. The shape, size and sometimes plumpness of lips can be traced to heredity, a gene passed most likely from one’s father.

“Lips are always full of delicious secrets.” – Jarod Kintz

Both men and women are attracted to a set of plump, soft, healthy lips. Women’s lips are thickest at the age of 14. But as we age lips tend to get thinner due to a loss of bone density and a loss of collagen. Tiny vertical lines on the upper lip indicate a loss of moisture. To slow thinning, loss of volume, and dryness give your lips the attention they deserve.


Tips for Natural Lip Care


As part of a whole-body health approach hydrate by drinking fluids.

Increase collagen by eating foods with protein and vitamin C.

Don’t smoke or chew on your lips. Both may accelerate aging in lips.

Make sure face cleansers with astringents are not creeping onto your lips.

Apply a natural ingredient lip balm containing sunscreen when going outdoors.

When lips feel dry apply a protective, healing lip balm or a specially formulated lip elixir during the day, before brushing your teeth, and at bedtime.

For aging lips try light therapy that has been clinically proven to help stimulate collagen and elastin to increase firmness and improve circulation in the lips.

Dermal fillers made from natural hyaluronic acid can plump the lips and typically last six to twelve months.

Share sensible advice from iconic women:

“Just a touch of eyeliner and red lips is glamorous.” – Monica Bellucc, Italian model

“My lips, I’ve used collagen. I line my lips with collagen.” – Dolly Parton, Musician

“…for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness…” Katherine Hepburn, Actress

Perhaps we can all be inspired by the image conjured by a British poet of the Victorian era, Philip James Bailey:

“Lips like rosebuds peeping out of snow.”

Love your lips. Do what you can to keep them soft, healthy, and beautiful the way nature intended.


(Photo by Mila Ugryn Photography. Model: Anai Akuei. MakeUp: Yvette Oduro)

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