Happy Easter

My Greek family always celebrated Easter calling it American Easter because as children growing up in the states that’s what we were use to but we also celebrated and practiced Greek orthodox Easter which is usually either one week or two weeks after American Easter.

The reason for the different dates for Orthodox Churches is that they calculate Easter according to the Julian calendar, whereas the western churches use the Gregorian calendar.

Greek Easter even more so than Christmas is the most important religious feast of the year for Greeks, with customs and traditions that run for many centuries. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, along with the arrival of spring, when everything is reborn.

Greeks only paint their Easter eggs red for Easter.   The color red is used to symbolize life and victory and the eggs themselves symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionally the eggs are dyed on Holy Thursday in preparation for a feast on Easter Sunday.

This year Greek Easter is on April 16th one week after American Easter which is on April 9th and Passover starts on April 5th.

I acknowledge both Easter dates in April because they have always been acknowledged in my life and celebrated by my family with Greek Orthodox being the one I practice in a more serious, religious sort of way, and now that I am married to a Jewish man I also acknowledge Passover.

So, with that said Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Kalo Pascha to all!

He has risen!



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