Hair Color Choice Can Enhance Your Skin

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For those who like coloring their hair selecting the right color is one way to give your complexion a lift. When your hair and skin work in tandem you will truly enjoy your new look!


The right hair color choice can bring out and enhance the different colors in your skin. That’s because skin and hair have some things in common. They both get their color from melanin. Your natural hair color gets its color from melanin-making pigment cells in your hair follicles. Your skin gets its natural pigment from specialized skin cells. If your hair and skin are light, these cells are making less melanin than those who have dark hair and skin. We can’t mess with our melanin level as it relies on our genes. You can blame or celebrate your parents for your melanin levels. That said, everybody makes more melanin while outside in the sun. Melanin serves as a skin protector against UV light, but not enough so to forgo sunscreen when outside.


Another thing hair and skin have in common is undertones. Identifying your skin’s undertones is a first step in selecting the right hair color to enhance the look of your skin. Beauty experts suggest multiple ways to identify if your skin has cool (blue, pink, purple) or warm (red, orange, yellow) undertones. If you detect a combination of warm and cool undertones, it’s considered neutral.


    • Look at the color of your veins at your wrist. If the veins are green, your undertones are probably warm. If the veins are blue or purple, your skin may be cool.


    • If you have hazel, brown, or amber eyes your skin undertones tend to be warm. If your eyes are blue, green, or gray chances are your skin undertones are cool.


    • Does gold or silver jewelry look best on you? Hold a piece near your face. Does the silver make your skin look pale? Does gold bring out the red hues? If gold looks better, you may have warm undertones. If silver looks better, it implies cool undertones.


    • Does your skin burn when you’re out in the sun? Look for cool undertones of blue, pink, and purple in your skin. If you tan, you probably have warm undertones of red, orange, and yellow.


    • While in a natural light setting, check out the skin beneath your eyes using a mirror. If blue or purple you’re likely cool. If yellow or green your skin tone is probably warm.


Once you’ve identified your skin’s undertones move on to hair color. Don’t try to match your hair color with your skin color. This makes your features disappear. You want to bring out the main color of your skin and add contrast.


If you have cool undertones in your skin selecting a hair color with reddish tones such as strawberry blond will infuse a natural blush to your skin.


If your skin is on the dark side with warm undertones try a hair color with cool undertones to add contrast.


For light skin with cool undertones select a warm or golden color that will add more color to your skin.


Olive skin is enhanced by a warm hair color that lessens the skin’s green, cool undertones.


A survey on what hair color makes people look younger pointed to a warm, honey blonde. Such color makes the skin look darker, a contrast that occurs naturally as we age. Hair turns a lighter shade as we grow older because it loses melatonin.


Hair dye does come with some caveats. When at a salon talk with your stylist about what you expect, what’s best for your hair and skin type, and ingredients contained in the dye. When buying a packaged hair dye whether it be permanent, semi- or demi– permanent, read the ingredients labels. Look for hydrating oils and plant extracts. Avoid products that contain para-phenylenediamine, (PPD) which may cause skin reactions, ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, phthalates, SLS, and titanium dioxide. There are some good all-natural hair color products available including those from Madison Reed, a company that will shade-match you via text message. Onc NaturalColors has a permanent hair dye that contains certified organic ingredients.


Just as with hair maintenance your skin care routine will benefit from products made with all natural and organic ingredients. It’s a great way to keep your look fresh each day.


Select a hair color that complements your skin and natural skin care products that support your beauty inside and out.


(photo: Daniela Andrea Nix | pexels)

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