The Beauty and Benefits of Grape Seed Extract for Skin

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Have you ever wondered how the humble grape seed can transform your skin care routine? Let’s explore the beautiful benefits of grape seed extract and the secrets held within these tiny yet mighty seeds.


What is grape seed extract?

During the winemaking process, grape seeds are discarded. However, their potential in skincare is monumental. The extract is obtained through a meticulous process where the seeds are pressed and refined, resulting in a potent blend of compounds beneficial for the skin.


Benefits of grapeseed extract for skin

Grape seed extract offers a bounty of benefits for your skin. Its rich nutritional composition, derived from grape seeds, skins, and juice, provides a wealth of skincare advantages. These include safeguarding the skin from environmental stressors, enhancing skin brightness with its potent antioxidant content, and contributing to skin firmness and nourishment thanks to an abundance of omega fatty acids.

Procyanidins, the heart of grape seed extract, are more than just antioxidants; they are the guardians of skin vitality. These natural wonders, found abundantly in grape seeds, can help you discover a youthful, radiant complexion.


Potent antioxidant protection

Procyanidins possess exceptional antioxidant capabilities. They act as fierce protectors against environmental aggressors, safeguarding the skin by scavenging harmful free radicals caused by environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution. This defense helps slow signs of premature aging and encourages skin to maintain its natural, healthy glow.


Support healthy collagen and elastin 

Beyond shielding the skin, procyanidins are pivotal in nurturing the skin’s structural proteins – collagen and elastin. The presence of  procyanidins helps in stabilizing collagen and elastin fibers, preventing their degradation, and encouraging new growth so skin maintains  firmness and bounce.The result? A visibly smoother, rejuvenated skin texture.

The regenerative properties of procyanidins may also contribute to the healing process of scars. By supporting the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and promoting healthy skin regeneration, the extract may aid in scar reduction, making it a natural option for minimizing the appearance of scars.


Soothing and hydrating powers

With their inherent anti-inflammatory properties, procyanidins are a soothing balm for stressed, sensitive skin, reducing redness and calming irritation. They work to soothe redness and ease irritation, bringing a sense of relief to skin that is often challenged by environmental factors or prone to conditions like rosacea or eczema. This soothing action can allow skin to find its peace and balance.

They also play a vital role in hydrating the skin, fortifying its barrier, and ensuring it remains plump and supple. Their unique ability to bind with skin cells means they help the skin retain moisture more effectively, leading to deep and lasting hydration. This results in skin that is not just moisturized on the surface but truly replenished from within.


For Every Skin Type

The beauty of procyanidins lies in their versatility. Whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, these compounds adapt to provide balanced, nurturing care.


Discover grape seed extract with YASOU

In our Vegan Cellular Day Cream, the incorporation of grape seed extract rich in procyanidins is a deliberate choice to offer your skin a holistic approach to health. Not only do they rejuvenate and protect, but they also soothe and hydrate, ensuring that your skin is cared for in the most comprehensive way possible. Embrace the gentle, nurturing touch of procyanidins and experience skin that is calm, hydrated, and radiantly healthy.

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