Gluten-Free Natural Skin Care Can Alleviate Health Concerns

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People who suffer from Celiac Disease, who are sensitive to gluten or may be allergic to gluten have options when it comes to how they care for their skin. Natural, gluten-free skin care products can alleviate concerns. The medical community, including the International Dermal Institute as well as the Celiac Society, has stated publicly that topical application of skincare products containing gluten are not absorbed by the skin. The reason, they say, is that gluten molecules are too big to seep through the skin. The likely culprit for those who have reactions from skincare products containing gluten they believe may be an allergy to other ingredients contained in the product.

For those who remain concerned and seek alternatives to gluten-laden products, it’s important to read labels. Common sources of gluten are wheat, oats, rye and barley. However, on skincare labels these may not be easily recognizable and the concentration of gluten may be hard to decipher. Wheat germ oil and extract are commonly labeled as Triticum Vulgare. Other primary sources of gluten found on skincare labels are Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Sodium Lauroyl Oat amino acids. Concentration levels of gluten may remain a mystery because suppliers often don’t certify levels in the raw material sent to manufacturers.

I’ve heard concerns from people about their hand lotions. They fear ingesting gluten while eating food with their hands. To alleviate such concerns, scientifically founded or not, I suggest they buy natural skincare products with transparent ingredient labels. Trust is a big factor in any relationship. We at YASOU Natural Skin Care want our customers to feel confident.

While gluten is a naturally occurring protein in wheat, we are aware of the health concerns and well being of our customers. Those seeking gluten-free skincare products for the body, face and hands can purchase them at YASOU, a luxe wellness skincare brand you can trust.

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