Give Your Valentine a Body Cream Adventure

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When most people travel to different regions of the world they want to experience its uniqueness. They may find ethnic foods that deliver new flavors and aromas, street markets that are filled with welcoming vendors and landscapes that surround them with 360 degrees of beauty. For this Valentine’s Day, surprise your sweetheart by discovering a different region within yourselves. Give them a natural body cream adventure.

This idea allows you and your valentine to venture beyond candy and flowers. You will find your uniqueness and share it in a way you never have before. I started YASOU skin care by taking the best of my Greek heritage. I created a natural body cream that softens and soothes the skin. It is an expression of what I love doing.

Before participating in this idea, purchase or open a jar of YASOU natural body cream. Spread the body cream over areas you want your sweetheart to touch. Allow some time to enjoy the unique scent the cream bestows on your bodies. When answering the questions below use all of your five senses – touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Be who you are, naturally.

What do you love doing most?

What do you want? (Phrase this in a positive way).

What will your life be like after achieving your goals?

Be grateful for a sweetheart who is willing to share this experience with you. No other two people will share it in the same way. You are unique. Let us know if you discover something welcoming and beautiful on this Valentine’s Day.

Hint: Purchase a jar of YASOU Body Cream before Valentine’s Day and you will receive two pieces of gift-wrapped, heart shaped Godiva dark chocolates.

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