Gift Giving Goes Beyond the Moment of Exchange

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Exchanging gifts with friends, family and others we care about is fun. As gift givers, that moment of exchange is what we tend to focus on according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Indiana University. They suggest we look beyond the exchange moment to how the gift recipient will value the gift over time. Their study showed that’s how recipients tend to look at the gift. Recipients are not as caught up in the moment as they are in the value the gift brings over time.

Sometimes the gift exchange moment is awkward because we’re not sure if it is the right gift. To become a better selector of gifts that are valued over time try to avoid common gift-giving mistakes and focus on who the person is, what they appreciate and how they can use the gift.

A requested gift
A professional organizer I know will not send a gift certificate to anyone who has not already confirmed that the recipient would appreciate such a gift. If a person has never shown any interest in, listed, or ever requested the kind of gift you intend to give, think again.

Tangible material gifts
If the gift recipient enjoys experiences more than tangible gifts don’t clutter their closet with sweaters or their cabinets with coffee mugs. Tickets to a movie or play or a gift card to a local coffee shop will be appreciated and valued over time.

Donations to charity
Giving donations as a gift in the receiver’s name doesn’t provide much value or practical use to the recipient as time goes by. Instead, consider buying an auction item from the charity that you think the recipient would enjoy.

Because a gift recipient tends to look at its value over time, not in the moment, the key to better gift giving may be to empathize with the recipient and focus on gifts that are well appreciated and have a practical use. When you know they will appreciate and value the gift you’ve chosen for them, that moment of exchange will last longer in both of your hearts.

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