Facial Skin Tightening: What You Need To Know

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Facial skin and body skin starts loosening between the ages of 35 and 40 years. Even though the most common cause is aging, it occurs in people who have lost significant amounts of weight, or people with medical conditions like Ehler-Danlos syndrome.

Skin laxity that occurs with age is mostly due to a loss of collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid, a molecule that helps retain moisture and is naturally found in you skin, eyes and joints.

What can you do about it?

1. Eat well and take supplements. This will help you boost your collagen and hyaluronic acid in your body. Make sure to add antioxidants to you body such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

2. Exercise. Building muscle mass through weight training exercises can help decrease the appearance of loose skin, especially if the loose skin is from weight loss.

3. Quit Smoking. The toxins in cigarettes have been known to damage elastin and collagen fibers plus it’s just not good for you or your lungs.

4. Moisturizer. Find a natural, vegan moisturizer that will exfoliate, tighten/firm and focus on cell renewal. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic sodium (natura, plant based Hyaluronic acid), or hyadisine (eco-certified algae) that can help re-hydrate your skin like YASOU vegan face cream set.

5. Dematologist. Find a good dermatologist that can recommend a treatment for you like radiofrequency treatments or home treatments, a treatment that would be suited for you and your situation and skin type.

6. Gua Sha and/or Facial Yoga. Both these natural treatments help to retrain the muscles of the face, relaxing them, strengthening, lifting and toning them. In addition, to improving the function of the skin addressing deep lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and acne.

I hope this tib bit of information can be a good start for you to dig a little deeper regarding facial skin tightening. This is for men and women and there are an array of things we can do to feel and look healthier. A good time to start is any time, but the earlier the better. Below is a link for you where you can find some home remedies that are natural for tighten sagging skin.

Natural Home Remedies To Tighten Your Skin

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(photo: Ron Lach | pexels)

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