Coronavirus: Skin Care and Well-Being

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Our lives changed overnight with the coronavirus pandemic and probably will never be the same again. Our sense of security and well-being has been challenged and yet we are all dealing with what has fallen upon us.  Our well-being is crucial during this time and here are some things you can do right now from home to stay mentally healthy.


1. Give: Your time, words and presence are very important and can still be done virtually-it’s all about cultivating a spirit of generosity and promoting active participation in social and community life.


2. Be Active: Exercise! Join a virtual Pilates class or plug in a yoga tape-just move. Evidence suggests that physical activity can increase self-belief and the ability to cope with difficult situations.


3. Keep Learning: Read a book, work on a puzzle or take an online course that you always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time to do so. Doing this will improve your self-esteem and has been known to be effective in preventing depression.


4. Take Notice: Appreciate the little things. Practice being in the moment and savor it. Increasing awareness of what is immediately happening both physically and mentally within and around us can improve well-being.  This includes finding gratitude (like for our first responders), forgiveness, reflection and the development of meaning, like maybe we will be stronger once we come out of this nightmare.


5. Connect: Give a family member, friend or neighbor a phone call, or send an email. Check in on them to see how they are doing. Do they need anything or just say hello. Send a care gift to ones in need right now.  Fostering relationships with other’s is important to well-being. Talk. listen, be there and feel connected.


I hope the above will be helpful. I have found this info via and incorporated ideas that can be done virtually from your home. If you know of anyone who is out of work or having a difficult time right now, please send us their information and we’ll be happy to send them a 4oz hydrating body cream as a self-care gift, letting them know that it’s from you and YASOU skin care.  We will also cover shipping and it’s one cream per person. You can only submit one person this offer lasts while inventory is in stock so it’s a first come, first serve basis until we run out of our 4oz hydrating body cream.  Email us at and let us know why this person deserves this gift, their name, mailing address and your name. Maybe we can bring a bit of happiness and some self-care to someone who can use it right now.  This offer only applies to people in the USA.


Now for skin care, it’s so important right now especially for your hands.  We need to wash our hands constantly with soap and water and sanitize often during this time!  The drawback to this is that our hands will or are becoming painfully dry and cracked because we are following the widespread advice to frequently wash to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We need to also be aware of a less widely cited hygiene recommendation which is to moisturize your hands as well. Somehow that got left out of the equation and it’s important to include, so let your family and friends know.


“Keeping skin moisturized is important,” states Craig Shapiro, (attending physician in pediatric infectious diseases at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital in Delaware). “If the skin is breaking down or raw, then the soap and alcohol disinfectants do not work as well. Also, when skin is chapped and broken, it’s uncomfortable, and people can be less likely to wash their hands to prevent transmission of germs and infection.”


Moisturize your hands right away after washing leaving, them a bit damp before adding cream. Moisturize them well at night before bedtime. After applying the moisturizer wear cotton gloves all night.  This will help absorb the cream or lotion.  We recommend hand cream that contains water and oils to be the best because the moisturizer will reach to a cellular level of your skin.  Also look for hand cream that contains aloe Vera.  Aloe Vera is an excellent solution for dry skin, because not only does it moisturize but it also stimulates healing. Look for shea butter, to help “lock in” the moisture and look for oils like jojoba or certified organic olive oil. All of these ingredients are nourishing, healing, soothing and hydrating, which will be effective in healing those dry and cracked hands as well as saving the skin’s barrier which protects you from the environment. Visit us at and make sure you look at our promotions, incentives and our vegan hand cream. Keep praying, stay safe, stay healthy!

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