Professional Chemical Peels vs DIY Chemical Peels

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Have you ever wondered if you should have a chemical skin peel? Well, what we know is that chemical peels rejuvenate your skin. It’s a restorative cosmetic procedure that can help reduce the signs of aging on your face by removing the layer of skin exposed to the elements and revealing a new, healthy layer of skin.  Chemical Peels make you look and feel healthier and younger by unclogging the pores, clearing acne, evening out and softening the skin, and reducing fine lines.  So YES, they are good for you and your skin!


You can have a professional chemical peel or a DIY peel at home, either will be a benefit to your skin.  Take time to think of what your needs are and what kind of results you are seeking before choosing a DIY peel at home over booking with a professional.


There are different types of professional peels and your dermatologist can recommend and work with you to determine whether a light, medium or deep chemical peel is best for you.  Each one has benefits that your dermatologist can review with you, depending on your needs.


A light chemical peel, or superficial peel, will lightly exfoliate your skin, only removing the top skin layer (epidermis).


A medium chemical peel is slightly stronger and removes your epidermis plus the top layer of your dermis, which lies beneath the top layer (epidermis).


A deep chemical peel removes your epidermis, along with the upper and middle layer of your dermis and uses very strong chemical, reaching deeper layers of the skin.


The biggest difference between Professional and DIY chemical peels is that In-office procedures have stronger tools and stronger concentrations of acids (ingredients), which translates to greater immediate results. They are administered by a licensed practitioner who knows how to use the tools and acids in order to not irritate or burn the skin. In addition, a professional can determine whether your skin is even a good candidate for a peel.


I recently had microdermabrasion treatment which was more of a physical exfoliation than a chemical peel. Personally, going to a professional was extremely educational fand helped me choose which treatment would be best for me.


DIY chemical peels “at home” overall are milder because the acids for the peels are not as strong as the professional visits. The milder acids shed dull layers of skin in favor of fresh skin cells, rejuvenating the skin, unclogging the pores, treating and preventing acne, producing a radiant glow and stimulating collagen. BUT only if they are done correctly.  At-home products are less potent than in-office, so you’ll typically have to use them repeatedly to reap the best result- do your research and follow the instructions.  The biggest benefit is they are super affordable, and you don’t need to leave your home!


The bottom line is that it all depends on your needs, knowledge, and pocketbook.  If you know your skin and follow directions with milder result expectations than at home DIY may be the way to go, but if you are in need of deeper results and new to skin care procedures, I advise visiting a dermatologist to start.


(photo: anna Shvets | pexels)

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