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Don’t Just Give a Gift, Present It

Estheticians know their customers want change not only in an improved physical appearance but also in their confidence or self-esteem. It’s more than just a look, the feel is important. A face, hands or body become a canvas. A hydrating body cream soothes. A vegan hand cream is pure. Include touch during your gift giving moment. It may be a kiss, hug, handshake or pat on the back. Touch always adds intimacy.  

How can you bring more joy to your gift giving experience? Employ thoughtful aesthetics and authentic gestures to your gift giving moment. We may venture to multiple shops looking for the perfect gift, but how much thought do we give to the moment when a gift is given? This moment could be the beginning of a new tradition or a once only event. The idea is to surprise, engage and intrigue. In other words, don’t just give a gift, present it. Make your gift giving moment memorable. Here are some ideas from professions that rely on aesthetics and authentic gestures to create memorable moments. 

To enhance a diner’s experience chefs know they must prepare a delicious meal, but they also need to present it well. For example, they choose the right size and color of plate to serve the food. They don’t overcrowd the plate or add too many sizes, textures and shapes. These decisions add to the diner’s delight. If your gift has color in it, choose a wrapping paper with a similar or complementary color. Fit the box size to the gift size.  

Designers use their creativity to express ideas in an original way. Composition is key. They look at multiple elements and bring them together. When presenting a gift, design the moment in a way that only you can. What will you be wearing when you give the gift? What scent is in the room? Is music playing? What about the lighting – candles or twinkling tree lights?

Writers know the power of story. When giving a gift offer a short backstory – why you think they would like it, where you got it from, why you want them to have it. Offer a complement that is heart-felt and revealing. It should tell the person something you adore about them while also revealing something about you and your relationship to that person. For example: “Every time you (do whatever), it reminds me of what a special person you are.”

This season YASOU skin care added all of the elements above to create a special skin care gift package that contains a 8oz hydrating body cream aroma free with two hand crafted Lavender, Bergamot bath bombs gift wrapped that we think will be appreciated by all gift givers as well as those receiving your gift. Moments are what make our life beautiful and memorable. Enjoy yours. Happy holidays!

8 Great Holiday Gifts Under $50.00

Our list of Holiday Gifts under $50.00 will surely make your holiday shopping a little easier this season. All the items we have listed are either natural, organic, or hand crafted with sustainable ingredients. These are great gifts for a special person in your life – friends, colleagues, teachers, nannies, masseuse, stylist, mail carrier, neighbors – all of those people who have helped you live the life you want.


1) Black Butter Mask by Ari Rose. A great gift for a grab bag, stocking stuffer or just to say Happy Holiday’s to someone you like. Black Butter Mask is deep
cleansing and detoxifying as it removes dirt, oil and dead skin from your face and body. It’s made with Dead Sea mineral mud, seaweed powder, activated charcoal and diatomaceous earth. Every ingredient is chosen for it’s skin enhancing and detoxification properties. This item can be found on www.naturalmebeauty.com
Price: $24.99 


2) Certified Organic Quattro Eye Shadow To The Moon & Black by Antonym Cosmetics. A great gift for a daughter, mother, or close friend. Cosmetics Intensity? blends with luminosity in this Antonym Eye Shadow. The long lasting, smooth formula is created with light accentuating pigments that enhance colors by providing added depth. The pigments are characterized by intensity, radiance and a silky texture. Apply for shading, highlighting and lining the eye. Festive for evening and radiant for day. Ideal for the most sensitive skin. This item can be found on www.antonymcosmetics.com  Price: $39.00


3) Fawn and Friends Reversible Minky Hat by Whirlykidde. A great gift or stocking stuffer for a little boy or girl. This soft minky hat with ear flaps is reversible. It is handmade in the USA with a soft napped finish and an exclusive print design. One size fits most and each hat comes with a downloadable e-book of “Fawn and Friends.” The book code is on the hang tag. This item can be found on whirlykidde (sold out)  Price: $25.00


4) Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2PK Mild/Robsut by Kolossos. A great gift for any foodie you may know. The Mild oil is a delicate flavor, ripe olive fruit, buttery with hints of apricot, ripe apple and pine. It is Unfiltered, from Manaki Olives Grown in Argolida, Greece. The Robust oil is full bodied, a peppery flavor with hints of nuts, green tea and tomato leaf. It is unfiltered, from Koroneiki olives grown in Lakonia, Greece. This item can be found on www.kolossos.co   Price: $38.00


5) YASOU Holiday Body Care Gift Box by YASOU natural skin care. Treat the one you love to the ultimate Greek-inspired YASOU spa-at-home experience. This holiday body care gift box includes an 8oz. body soap with Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang essential oils, hand-crafted just for the holidays; the signature 4oz hydrating body cream aroma free, and a 2oz. vegan hand cream. This cruelty-free, Greek-inspired body care trio pampers the skin with pure luxe ingredients. This item can be found on YASOU skin care (sold out).   Price: $39.00


6) Getting’ Figgy With It by Aged and Infused. A great gift for anyone that enjoys whiskey. Flavorful figs, juicy peaches and a dash of brown sugar combine for a warm, fruity whiskey infusion. This item can be found on aged and infused (sold out)   Price: $24.99


7) Spicy Quattro Truffles by Mindful Indulgences. A great stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for anyone. It includes four truffels: Cinnamon Sugar, Turmeric Ginger, Vanilla Raisin and Curry Coconut – all delicious, organic, vegan certified, gluten free and fair trade ingredients made in the USA. This item can be found on www.mindfulindulgences.com Price: $13.60


8) Campfire Candle by Detroit Rose Candles. Another great stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for anyone. Detroit Rose Candles are hand-poured with all natural vegan-soy wax and premium fragrance oils with scents of Lavender, Milk + Honey, Fig Tree, Campfire, Tobacco + Bay Leaf or Cedar + Amber. Each candle is about 4” tall and has a burn time of 66+ hours. The scents are. Made in Detroit/USA. This item can be found on www.detroitrose.com   Price: $26.00


YASOU skin care is wishing you and your loved ones the warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! See you in 2018.

Love the Planet Luxe Gift Ideas

This holiday season we’re making it easy to purchase luxe, cruelty-free, and vegan gifts for the special people in your life. Gift giving doesn’t have to be a hassle. YASOU is offering a Holiday Body Care Gift Set this year that will please anyone on your list. It’s just one of the fabulous gift ideas that evoke personal beauty and respect for the natural world.


Tatine Garden + Forest Infusion Candle Collection
These candles are made with GMO-free vegetable soy wax with a blend of essential oils and botanicals. Candles are contained in heavy weight, recyclable glassware. Gift wrapping is available. Price: $38

Tatiana Garde & Forest Infusion Candle Collection











ella + mila Dream Collection
This is a beautiful selection of quick dry and chip resistant vegan nail polishes. It’s a “5-free” product that contains no harsh chemicals and is long lasting. Price: $70











YASOU Holiday Body Care Gift Set
Packaged in a beautiful holiday box, the gift set includes an exclusive (just for the holidays) handcrafted lemon body scrub and a natural hydrating body cream with essential oils. The luxe ingredients pamper the skin. Price: $37.5

Gift Box










Palace of the Wind Satya Jewelry Earrings
These stylish 2-inch sterling silver earrings with chain tassels nearly touch the shoulder. Adds some glamour to any outfit. Price: $89











Beauty Counter Cosmetic Brush Collection
Five brushes for use on the face, eyes and cheeks made with allergen free, taklon bristles that are weighted for great color application. A cruelty free alternative to animal hair brushes. Price: $110
Beauty Counter Cosmetic Brush Collection











Lavanila Healthy Fragrance
The Vanilla Lavender Healthy Fragrance is a lovely blend of pure essential oils. This fragrance contains only natural, healthy ingredients. Price: $58














A Balanced You Holistic Massage Therapy (Chicago area)
Choose from a variety of massage types including deep tissue, Swedish and more by Tayonon Gbala, an Illinois State licensed Massage Therapist, Thai Body worker, Zen Shiatsu practitioner, and owner of A Balanced You. Best signature massage ever! Price depends on massage












Enjoy the holiday season!