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Is Your Makeup Remover Enhancing or Harming Your Skin?

Your skin is a complex ecosystem, unique to you. Its environment or microbiome is made up of trillions of microorganisms. Such microbes are essential for healthy skin. Since makeup removers are a product used in everyday skin care we wondered if it’s something that can enhance or diminish the quality of our skin. We found that it depends on the product selected and how the makeup removers are used.


Remove your makeup remover

Most makeup removers should be used before cleansing the face not as a substitute for cleansing your face. Some products are being labeled as multi action, meaning they are designed to remove makeup, cleanse and refresh. Some of these are luxe wellness products, but some are not. If you leave the product on your face without rinsing, could harsh chemical residue be left on your facial skin? Clogging your pores? Killing beneficial bacteria? Always check what ingredients the product contains. Some preservatives, such as methylparaben are known to influence the skin’s microbiome. If you experience burning or stinging, alcohol content may be the culprit. This can dry the sky so try to avoid products containing it. Glycerin is a better preservative that hydrates the skin. To be sure your skin is clean, wash your face with a cleanser and rinse with water after using your makeup remover. In other words, remove the makeup remover.


Different kinds of makeup removers and how to use them

Makeup removers come in many different forms. There are creams, sticks, oils, waters, balms, foams and wipes that can remove makeup. Which one is best for you? Convenience, effectiveness and residue may be top on your list.

Balms are a good choice for people who find it hard to keep their skin hydrated, especially those living in areas with extreme temperature changes. Balms remove oil, dirt and makeup without drying the skin. Just massage into skin, rinse and pat dry with a cloth. Skin should feel soft and supple. Popular natural ingredients in balms include coconut, argon and almond oils, Echinacea and other botanicals, butters, and spices.

Creams are easy to spread across the face. They break down oils and remove face makeup. Wipe clean with a tissue or washcloth, cleanse and rinse. We are comfortable with creams since many of us use hydrating body creams regularly.

Micellar water contains tiny cleansing oil molecules called micelles that are suspended in soft water. It’s sold as an all-in-one product that removes makeup, cleans and moisturizers. It’s good for travelers, but not for those who wear heavy foundations or waterproof mascara. Another product may be needed. Apply to a cotton ball or pad. If you have oily skin, follow up with a facial cleanser.

Cleansing oils are good for removing long-wearing makeup.

Wipes are convenient when traveling but for home use read the ingredients to determine strength and whether or not you want those ingredients sitting on your face all night.

For specialty areas such as eyes and lips look for a product that is designed for that. An oil-free eye makeup remover may also work well for removing lip stain. Dab a tissue and wipe. Yves Saint Laurent sells such a product that removes eye liner, mascara, shadow and eyebrow gel makeup. It also removes color from long-wearing lipsticks and lip pencils. Be careful when using eye makeup removers so that eyes aren’t irritated and contact lenses are not impacted by residue.


Makeup remover routines

Here are some favorite practices we found from people who shared their makeup remover routines.

  • Use coconut water cleansing wipes, then rinse with a cleansing milk, and follow up with a natural ingredient moisturizer.
  • Massage coconut oil product onto face, cleanse with a warm washcloth, then moisturize.
  • Use a facial pad with micellar cleansing water and makeup remover, and then a facial moisturizer.
  • Wipe away liquid eyeliner with makeup remover, follow with a foaming face wash, and add a skin balancing face oil at night.


Skin Hydration

Overexposure to products containing harsh ingredients can dry and irritate skin. It’s important to remove makeup every night, cleanse, and then moisturize to keep your skin hydrated.  YASOU’s vegan cell renewal night cream can give you the hydration your skin needs to replenish.


Nice to have elements in a makeup remover

Since makeup removers are usually applied at the end of the day, a relaxing aroma can be calming.

A makeup remover that leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed is appreciated.

One that nourishe your brows and lashes is a plus.

Like our skin, makeup plays an important role in how we present ourselves to others. However, removing makeup should be a daily thoughtful, intentional process that protects the natural beauty of our skin and its unique microbiome.

Let’s Talk Skin with Peggy Karadimas

Peggy Roin’s Karadimas is a licensed aesthetician and skin therapist with 20 years of experience who is presently with Levato Salon and Skin Lab in Hinsdale, Il and is an Educator for HydroPeptide. We are so excited to spend this time with Peggy and talk about one of our favorite subjects- skin!

YASOU: Peggy thank you for joining us today, to share your expertise on skin and skin care. Can you give us some background on yourself and your experience.

PK: Hi Terry! Thank you so much for chatting with me. I started my career in skin care when I turned 30! Before that, I received a degree in merchandising and marketing and worked in retail sales. I had always liked helping people enhance their lives through beauty. I have primarily worked in day spas, providing esthetic services such as facials, waxing, lash perming, and makeup. And recently I have started working for a skin care company as an Educator. I have been married 26 years and I have a 17 year old son and love to travel and eat good food!

YASOU: Why is it important to see an aesthetician?

PK: I believe skin care is self care. And we are in essence skin care coaches who you can partner up with to maintain healthy skin, change your skin’s condition and provide stress relief.

YASOU: Is there a difference in being a licensed aesthetician vs a skin therapist or do they

PK: When I worked with the skin care line Dermalogica, for 15 years, the company always referred to us as skin therapists, and skin therapists are Licensed aestheticians who specialize in treating the skin. So do they co-mingle? I would say so. Though now, I see so many specialized titles for esthetician: skin care specialist, waxing specialist, facialist all of them fall under the scope of licensed aesthetician.

YASOU: How important is knowing your true skin type in caring for your skin? And at what age does this become important?

PK: We all have a genetic predisposition to our skin type–dry, oily, normal and combination–that’s our skin type. Then we have skin conditions–that are caused by internal factors such as diet and hormones, and external factors such as environment and stress. So when we are talking about how to best take care of your skin, I take into account their genetic skin type and what condition the skin is in at any given time. And that is how you achieve great skin . I would say that this really becomes important as early as preteen years.

YASOU: Peggy I believe that we should be teaching our children about skin care at an early age. I don’t think there’s enough skin care education preparing young teens for puberty and acne- which effects one’s self esteem. What are your thoughts on this?

PK: Young girls have access to so much information these days! All I had was Seventeen magazine! And yet there is such a thing as information overload. So this is where
aestheticians are so vital in preparing young teens for puberty and acne. We can educate, treat, pamper and coach them. Of course, this process has to start with the parents bringing them in for services regularly.

YASOU: There’s a green movement that’s happening in the beauty and skin care industry, what are your thoughts on it? And how is it changing things in the spa and salon industry?

PK: I love the fact that in today’s beauty and skin care industry, we have choices. We have the green movement, the wellness aspect, the holistic, the clinical , etc — and everyone can choose what is best for their lifestyle, their skin and their budget. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and the reason I believe for that is because we can mix and match to truly customize our ideal beauty routine. My personal beauty routine looks something like this: I use vegan body care, I work with essential oils, I indulge in great skin care as well as receiving quarterly clinical peels and injections. And to heal my body I get monthly massages.

YASOU: What is the most important part in a skin care regime?

PK: Believe it or not. Cleansing. The first step in any great skin care routine is a thorough, proper cleansing with the right kind of cleanser for your skin type and condition, and doing it day and night without fail. I have seen all skin types ruined by improper removal of makeup, and not thorough enough cleansing. When that first step of having real clean skin is achieved, then all your other products such as serums and moisturizers can do their job. And clean skin also means less bacteria and irritation to the skin, which means less skin problems.

YASOU: For us aging folks is there one ingredient we should be looking for on our labels that’s “A MUST” in choosing a skin care product?

PK: There are so many great ingredients, it’s difficult to choose . However, I have to say that the one ingredient that never fails to impress my clients is a stable form of Vitamin C. It addresses: collagen, capillary activity, clarity, circulation and color. It’s my go to!

YASOU: Do you have a favorite skin care tip you can share and leave us with?

PK: Choose an esthetician and make them your partner in skin care, listen to their recommendations when it comes to products and services. Find the one that matches your beliefs/lifestyle: whether its clinical, green, holistic, pampering etc. With so many influencers out there now in our society, I still think that a dedicated, educated, and experienced licensed esthetician, is the best professional option for serious skin care health.

YASOU: Peggy thank you for your time, answers, thoughts and expertise. I so appreciate it and am looking forward to speaking with you more in the future!

PK: Thanks for chatting with me!

Tayonon Holistics: Why You Should Be Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing involves a gentle scrubbing down of the entire body with a soft but firm brush to remove the thin layer of dry dead skin.  It’s an ancient technique that has resurfaced today and has existed in different cultures for centuries as a beauty and health practice. Each culture has its own preference on incorporating ingredients and style to this technique.   All of them are AMAZING with similar and beneficial end-results. The treatment is known to enhance circulation to the lymph and digestive system as well as hydration to the skin when you apply moisturizer after the brushing.

Today we are speaking with one of our favorite wellness partners Tayonon Gbala of Tayonon Holistics to ask her some question about Dry Brushing and why we should do it.

YASOU: Hello Tayonon.   Thank you for speaking with us today about Dry Bushing but first can you give us a short overview about what you do and what services you offer?

Tayonon:  Your very welcome, it’s always a pleasure to share. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, and a holistics massage therapist. I am an expert in my field of self-care and personal well-being with 18 ½ years of professional experience under my belt.  I take an integrative approach to my work. I teach and facilitate awareness. My services center around guidance on how to connect my clients deeper sense of awareness to healthful action. The service offerings are based in traditional western style massage therapy, body treatments, aromatherapy, guided breath work, meditation and Asian body work. One on one education, implementation and life integration of daily self-care practices and regimes. More specifically Swedish, Myofascial, and Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy massage, essential oil consultations, Japanese Shiatsu pressure point work, table and floor Thai massage and programs.

YASOU: You have a lot of experience that’s why we wanted to speak with you. We have been wellness partners now for about three years and we have learned so much from you about what wellness means and the connection of it to health and beauty.   With all that said. Why is Dry Brushing important?

Tayonon:  Dry brushing is important for many reasons. The most important is that your skin is the largest organ in your body and is responsible for a significant amount of our body’s daily detoxification process. Dry brushing your skin improves the process of toxin removal, it increases blood circulation and helps your skin absorb nutrients. Dry brushing on a regular basis sets your skin up perfectly to receive proper hydration. Properly hydrated skin equals healthy skin.

YASOU: What are the health and skin benefits of it?

Tayonon: The health and skin benefits of regular dry brushing are vast,  a few of the best benefits in my opinion are improvement of internal body functions like digestion, kidney function and rejuvenation of  your nervous system that promotes stress relief. The Skin benefits are brighter, smoother exfoliated skin with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and the removal of dead skin cells that promotes cell renewal bringing forth fresh newly regenerated skin.

YASOU:You have created a dry brushing treatment for YASOU skin care called “Nero” Dry Brushing treatment can you tell our audience about it?

Tayonon: YASOU! (YASOU in Greek means “a toast to your health”) This treatment is a toast to your health and a celebration of your skin. Nero is the Greek word for water meaning to restore moisture. The “Nero” dry brushing body treatment  was designed to detoxify the body, boost your immunity, rehydrate your skin and reduce stress. This service consist of a full body dry skin brushing technique, a hot towel compress that soothes and cleanses your exfoliated skin. Next your skin will have a swedish massage treatment applying YASOU hydrating body cream which will quickly be absorbed into your skin on a cellular level. This application will thoroughly rehydrate your skin and set in your body’s relaxation response significantly reducing stress in your mind and body that will last long after your treatment.

YASOU:Why did you create this treatment?

Tayonon:  I created this treatment to teach and encourage my clients to implement and integrate the healthful practice of dry skin brushing and hydrating your skin as a home care routine. In addition I recommend receiving a professional treatment seasonally and making it a staple of your seasonal wellness regime. This promotes an ease of health in your mind & body during the transitions from one season to the next.

Lastly, I want to express how important water is to the proper function of our bodies and to life itself. Regularly replenishing your water through drinking fluids, eating hydrating foods and using topical water based products like YASOU skin care can help your body replenish the daily loss of water it experiences. This is very important because if water is not replenished adequately in our bodies it can cause dysfunction and damage to your health.  Replenishing the water in your body makes a tremendous difference in whether or not you experience OPTIMAL total health

YASOU: Can you please give us info. on how someone can book an appointment with you to have the “Nero”  Dry Brushing Treatment?

Tayonon: You can book and receive your “Nero Dry Brushing Treatment” at the private boutique office of Tayonon Holistics located in the Chicago neighborhood of River North 820 North Orleans St., Chicago, IL 60610 or at Serenity Acupuncture located at 503 Madison Ave., Oak Park, IL 60304

Please call or email for your appointment 630-235-8954 tayonongbala@gmail.com

YASOU:  Thank you Tayonon for speaking with us today and for all you do.  We love you!

Prepping Skin For Date Night

When date night comes around or any special occasion, including Valentines Day, you can do a few extra things to make your skin look and feel beautiful. Your skin care requires daily maintenance which in the very least means morning and evening cleansing and moisturizing. But here are some tips that will take your skin beyond the ordinary routine into a touch-me skin experience.

Cleansing Dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and oil attach to our skin daily. These particles must be dislodged and washed away with a good cleanser. If you have oily skin try a gel or foam cleanser. If your skin is dry, try a cream cleanser. For date night, try a luxe exfoliating body bar in the bath. Complete a second cleansing on your face to clear your pores. Remember, warm water opens the pores, so rinse with cool water to close pores.

Waxing & shaving. If body hair is a turn off, get rid of it. Before waxing, check your skin for inflammation or open sores as these areas should not be tampered with. Lightly exfoliate, clean and moisturize skin days before waxing. Avoid use of retinol products for up to two weeks before waxing. When shaving, don’t share razors. A women’s razor is designed for female hair growth and a man’s razor for his facial hair growth. If you like shaving in the shower cool the water temperature down before beginning. Shave upward on legs against the way hair grows.

Layer beauty products You may want to add moisturizer right away after cleansing but layering products beginning with the lightest (serums, toner, eye cream) before you moisturize can make these products more effective.

Moisturize Trap moisture in the skin by massaging a luxe wellness hydrating body cream from the neck down after bathing. Go ahead and share a gender-neutral body cream moisturizer with your sweetheart. Take turns massaging the cream onto your bodies. For a clean smooth surface, wait five minutes after applying moisturizer to allow the skin to absorb it, before adding other products. You can brighten your skin by adding facial or body oil after applying the moisturizer. Try a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid to plump facial skin and reduce lines.

Makeup Before date night, give your face a break from makeup, especially at night. Your skin needs oxygen in order to complete its natural exfoliating process. Left on makeup can clog pores and increase inflammation that can lead to collagen breakdown and more free radicals. A cellular night cream can nurture your skin during the night hours when blood flow is higher and absorption increases.

After applying lightweight products and waiting the recommended five minutes after moisturizing, apply foundation first and then concealers. Create structure with a bronzer, then add blush. Add a lip balm and let it absorb before applying lipstick. This helps keep lipstick in line and lasting longer. Yasou Skin Care will be introducing a specially formulated lip elixir in 2018 to keep your lips healthy and beautiful.

Colors in eye shadow, liner, mascara and brows should compliment each other. But for date night, go ahead and add some glam by accenting your eyes or lips with color that is out of your ordinary routine. Set your makeup with a powder.

Handholding is a must on date night. Don’t forget to clean up your cuticles, polish your nails and moisturize with a luxe wellness vegan hand cream specially formulated for this layer of skin.

Essence. Add a light aroma of your choice as final preparation for date night and relax. Be you. The first thing your sweetheart may notice is your spirit. These skin care tips can help you feel confident and bring the most romantic side of yourself to the table.

YASOU skin care is Greek inspired and so is the origin of Cupid, a mythical being now associated with Valentine’s Day. He was identified first in Greek mythology as Eros. It was his uniting power of love that brought harmony and order to the chaos of the world. The Greek story of Eros, Psyche and Aphrodite is one of love, loss, and love returning. May love and beauty bring order to your world.

YASOU Skin Care Blog Topics In 2018

Happy 2018! We hope you had wonderful holidays. It’s a new year with new goals and ambitions. Here at YASOU Skin Care we are excited and energized to present skin care posts that educate and entertain. We want to bring you the best and most current topics in natural skin care. We have a lot to talk about! Here are just some of the topics we will cover in this blog during 2018.

Mindful Workouts For Your Skin We all know that good health and glowing skin starts from the inside out and then outside in, but we also want to talk about how to bring awareness to your skin and what that means for your skin care routine.

The Language of Beauty (Clean vs natural, marketing vs facts) With so many new brands and information at our disposal, are we really getting the facts? What’s the difference between organic and natural or green and clean beauty? Is there a difference? We will be bringing you our research insights on this.

+MORE Take a look at our info graphic for more subjects we plan on talking about this year. Make sure you register for our newsletter so you can stay informed about our newest promotions, events, sales and giveaways. Looking forward to 2018 with you.


Add Gratitude to Your Skin Care Routine

Happy Thanksgiving! Tis the time to give thanks for all we have. If you expand this holiday tradition of gratitude throughout the year you can reap benefits to your health, well-being and skin. Through scientific observation researchers at The Greater Good Science Center have observed and gathered data that supports the mind/body impact of positive traits such as gratitude on our health and well being. Affiliated with the University of California the researchers include psychologists, sociologists, and neuroscientists. What they observed was that people who practice gratitude, that is people who readily acknowledge the good things in life, sleep better, are less depressed, have less fatigue, have more self-confidence, and less systemic inflammation in their bodies.

If there were a product or pill that would do all of that for a person it would surely be a best seller. That’s why I am suggesting you add gratitude to your daily skin care routine. Practice gratitude morning and night and any time in between.

To begin, stop worrying and start listing the things you are grateful for. This shift in thought causes a biological response in your body. Social/biological psychologist Dr. Wendy Mendes of the University of California, San Francisco, measured the impact of gratitude on health and longevity. She conducted a study that reflected participants’ daily lives in their normal setting. Biological markers from people exhibiting a gratitude trait had lower resting blood pressure responses, their cholesterol levels were good, and better kidney function was observed. Data from blood draws showed positive restoration and regeneration of cells related to the cardio vascular system. Participants who held fond views of how they were cared for as children had better migration of cells than those with less optimistic views of their childhood. Just the recollection or memory of this caused a biological response.

Most of us know that anxiety and stress can bring about worst cell functioning. Your skin moves through a regenerative cell cycle. Stress releases cortisol that can wreak havoc on other hormones, stimulating an inflammatory process that can cause breakouts in your skin. Stress causes your blood vessels to constrict and may deprive the skin of oxygen and nutrients.

This connection between mind and skin is called psychodermatology. The skin is wrapped around our organs and connects to a lot of nerve endings. Emotions, being neurological events can be expressed through the skin. How can you increase your positive emotions and the likelihood of healthy skin? Try a dose of gratitude. Daily.

Find a positive mantra or phrase that means something to you and say it during your morning and evening skin care routine. Something as simple as: “Thank you for this day and everyone in it.” Repeat it during the day and before sleep.

Enter a relaxed state through meditation. Doing so can release chemicals that counteract the stress hormones. Eliminate toxins through the breath. Oxygenate the body. Yoga poses can stimulate blood flow and oxygenate the body as well.

Look for beauty in small things. Focus on the good. Keep a gratitude journal that you can refer back to from time to time.

Celebrate, compliment, and congratulate those around you. Doing so will make you feel good as well as boost their day. It’s a win-win.

To increase positive feelings, focus on the present moment – beyond your own activities. Don’t allow your thoughts to wander to the past or future, redirect them to the present. Try concentrating on your breath or body. You may be amazed at what you see, what you become aware of when focusing on the present.

To feel less negative, practice being nonjudgmental. Notice when your casting dispersions on yourself and others. Simply observe and articulate what’s going on. Use your five senses. Acknowledging and accepting negative emotions helps dissipate them.

What were the top three things most often mentioned in gratitude journals by participants in a study on gratitude? Family, friends, and the weather. What are you grateful for? Share it with others this Thanksgiving. As always, we are grateful for your continued support of YASOU products and this blog.

Benefits of a Good Eye Cream

Beautiful eyes have inspired poets, painters and philosophers since the beginning of time. In Love’s Labour’s Lost William Shakespeare wrote:

“For where is any author in the world 
Teaches such beauty as a woman’s eye?”

Think of the skin around your eyes as a canvas and you will surely take the steps to keep your eyes beautiful and radiant. A good eye cream is specially formulated for the more delicate skin around the eye. Active ingredients target special problems unique to the eye area. Botanical hyaluronic acid moisturizes and improves elasticity. Skin surrounding the eye is prone to dryness. We know what dry skin results in – wrinkles, fine lines and a look of fatigue. This may be true from teen years to late in life. Such a situation would not have inspired Longfellow to write in Spirit of Poetry:

“Within her tender eye
The heaven of April, with its changing light.”

Age, sun exposure, or genes may cause dark circles under the eye. A good eye cream that contain vitamins C, K and B3 can lighten that circular darkness. Puffy eyes can occur from body fluids that pool in the skin. Caffeine helps reduce swelling or puffy eyes, by increasing circulation. Cold temperatures can also reduce puffiness.

Rather than thumbing through books, today we are more likely to be squinting at screens. Dry eye may occur and that small gesture of squinting may be creating unwanted burrows beneath your brows. Apply a good eye cream and like a sponge, the skin around the eye absorbs what it needs.

Emerson writes in Conduct of Life, Behavior:

“Eyes are bold as lions —roving, running, leaping, here and there, far and near. They speak all languages. They wait for no introduction…”

You shouldn’t wait to get the benefits of a good eye cream. Most people apply cream or serums at night and it works fine. But if you wake up in the morning with puffy, irritated eyes moisture may have moved the cream into your eyes. Avoid this by applying in the morning. Or you may have applied cream too close to the eyes.

Whether morning or night, eye cream should be applied with your ring finger beginning with a tiny dab below the inner corner of the eye. Add more tiny dabs about one quarter of an inch a part along the orbital bone. Avoid the eyelid and eyelash. Smooth onto skin and finish at the upper outer corner of the eye where crow’s feet may be. Do not rub or pull on the skin, an easy glide with the ring finger is best.

In Tis Sweet to Think Thomas Moore wrote:

“And the world’s so rich in resplendent eyes,
‘Twere a pity to limit one’s love to a pair.”

Get inspired. Enhance the Beauty of your eyes and reap the benefits of a good eye cream. Treat yourself to luxe wellness products like YASOU hydrating body cream, vegan face creams and vegan hand cream. Eye cream coming in the future!

Clean Skin Reaps Healthy Benefits

Keeping your skin clean goes beyond soap and water. While there are many cleansing products to choose from, skin cleanliness is affected by other factors including how you wash, how often, water temperature, cleanliness of towels, soap dishes and washing machine, as well as clothing. Clean skin reaps healthy benefits. Your skin acts as a protector keeping germs and parasites from getting inside the body. Keep your skin clean by heeding to advice on skin cleanliness you may not have thought of before.


Wash your skin

Experts agree that warm water is better for the skin than hot water. A mild soap will clean skin surface. You don’t need strong soaps. Make sure the dish that holds your soap is clean. Wash your entire body daily and limit your time in the shower or bath. Soaking for long periods in hot water will remove the skin’s oils. Wash your face twice daily. Pat dry your skin after washing in order to leave some moisture on the skin. Apply your favorite natural body and face cream to lock that moisturizer in and hydrate your skin. We recommend YASOU hydrating body cream, vegan hand cream and our vegan face cream set.


Keep Towels Clean

A study at the University of Arizona revealed that many household towels are a breeding ground for germs. The researchers recommend washing bath towels in hot water after every three uses. Face towels should be washed after every use. The reason to keep towels clean is to avoid re-introducing bacteria to the skin’s pores. If you pat dry with the face towel you can use the same face towel twice. But if removing makeup it’s one time and your done. This is what they say will keep germs and millions of dead skin cells on towels from transferring back to your skin surface. Bacteria like dead skin cells. Also, you may want to not share your towel with anyone else. Sharing towels can introduce organisms to your body it’s not use to causing boils, pimples and infection to occur.

Dry towels as quickly as possible and don’t fold them while damp. Bacteria can grow quickly. An unpleasant odor indicates bacteria, so wash smelly towels on the sanitize cycle of a washer. Use fragrance free detergent to avoid skin irritation. Keep your washing machine clean as well. Odors may indicate mold and mildew. Washing machines can hold buildup from detergents and softeners. Here’s a good article on how to clean front load washers.


Keep clothing clean

Clean, fresh clothing helps avoid spreading germs and bacteria to the skin. Historically, wearing linen was one way to keep the skin clean and body odor at bay. Linen is absorbent, drawing away dirt and sweat from the skin into the weave of the fabric. After washing clothes, hanging them in sunshine to dry actually kills some disease causing germs and parasites. It’s the sun’s ultraviolet rays that kill bacteria.


Some simple lifestyle changes can help keep your skin clean and healthy. To nourish your skin try some of YASOU’s Greek-inspired luxe wellness products that hydrate and beautify the skin naturally.

Introducing The Best Natural Facial Oils To Hydrate, Protect & Rejuvenate Skin

Our skin tells a story. Sometimes it’s a dramatic show, sometimes a quiet tale.

act-1 ACT I: The Quest. What does skin crave? It wants antioxidants to act as protectors of surface layers and lock in moisture. Vitamins, minerals and fatty acids too. Sounds like what the stomach might want, but your skin needs nourishment too. Pure, natural oils contain properties good for your skin’s surface layers and also act as carriers delivering vital nutrients beneath the skin’s surface to a cellular level. The plot thickens. What are the most effective natural oils to hydrate, protect and restore skin?


Act-2 ACT II: Main Characters. We believe the star characters in the best skin story are certified organic extra virgin olive oil and certified organic jojoba oil. The CO extra virgin olive oil, referred to by some as “Liquid Gold” is a natural moisturizer. It contains fatty acids, including oleic acid that strengthens cell membranes and fights free radicals. Olive oil contains similar content to the oils that the skin produces naturally. It absorbs quickly and delivers vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant. Its anti-oxidant component is known to help protect against skin cancer. Hydroxytyrosol is a rare, powerful antioxidant found in olive oil and a key component in YASOU’s Calityl-O Complex.


CO Jojoba oil holds a chemical structure similar to our skin. Containing zinc and copper along with vitamins B and E it strengthens skin by carrying healthy ingredients deep into the skin. It also absorbs quickly. Known as the “Gold of the Desert” Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that is an excellent moisturizer. It penetrates the skin like no other natural oil. Coconut oil is a supporting actor in the story of beautiful skin. It’s a powerful moisturizer that helps restore dry skin. It supports skin tissue and helps eliminate dead skin cells. Containing vitamin E, it can help delay wrinkles.


Act-3 ACT III: The Dilemma. Which oil should you choose? How do you apply it? Is it messy? YASOU skin care products combine these oils so you don’t have to choose one over the other. Certified organic extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil soothe and moisturize the skin. The oils form a protective barrier that traps moisture on your skin while vitamins, minerals and fatty acids promote elasticity and radiance. In YASOU day and night face creams these good for your skin oils carry other beneficial ingredients to your skin including extracts from grape seed, cucumber, fruits and green tea. To get all the benefits in a simple package order a YASOU skin care product.

If choosing to use a natural facial oil alone, apply a small amount before your moisturizer. Buy only cold pressed, unrefined, pure oils.


Act-4 ACT IV: The Story Doesn’t End. Always be ready. Natural facial oils help make-up stay in place. You’re on and you look great. Whatever happens, your skin will live happily ever after.