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Let’s Talk Skin with Peggy Karadimas

Peggy Roin’s Karadimas is a licensed aesthetician and skin therapist with 20 years of experience who is presently with Levato Salon and Skin Lab in Hinsdale, Il and is an Educator for HydroPeptide. We are so excited to spend this time with Peggy and talk about one of our favorite subjects- skin!

YASOU: Peggy thank you for joining us today, to share your expertise on skin and skin care. Can you give us some background on yourself and your experience.

PK: Hi Terry! Thank you so much for chatting with me. I started my career in skin care when I turned 30! Before that, I received a degree in merchandising and marketing and worked in retail sales. I had always liked helping people enhance their lives through beauty. I have primarily worked in day spas, providing esthetic services such as facials, waxing, lash perming, and makeup. And recently I have started working for a skin care company as an Educator. I have been married 26 years and I have a 17 year old son and love to travel and eat good food!

YASOU: Why is it important to see an aesthetician?

PK: I believe skin care is self care. And we are in essence skin care coaches who you can partner up with to maintain healthy skin, change your skin’s condition and provide stress relief.

YASOU: Is there a difference in being a licensed aesthetician vs a skin therapist or do they

PK: When I worked with the skin care line Dermalogica, for 15 years, the company always referred to us as skin therapists, and skin therapists are Licensed aestheticians who specialize in treating the skin. So do they co-mingle? I would say so. Though now, I see so many specialized titles for esthetician: skin care specialist, waxing specialist, facialist all of them fall under the scope of licensed aesthetician.

YASOU: How important is knowing your true skin type in caring for your skin? And at what age does this become important?

PK: We all have a genetic predisposition to our skin type–dry, oily, normal and combination–that’s our skin type. Then we have skin conditions–that are caused by internal factors such as diet and hormones, and external factors such as environment and stress. So when we are talking about how to best take care of your skin, I take into account their genetic skin type and what condition the skin is in at any given time. And that is how you achieve great skin . I would say that this really becomes important as early as preteen years.

YASOU: Peggy I believe that we should be teaching our children about skin care at an early age. I don’t think there’s enough skin care education preparing young teens for puberty and acne- which effects one’s self esteem. What are your thoughts on this?

PK: Young girls have access to so much information these days! All I had was Seventeen magazine! And yet there is such a thing as information overload. So this is where
aestheticians are so vital in preparing young teens for puberty and acne. We can educate, treat, pamper and coach them. Of course, this process has to start with the parents bringing them in for services regularly.

YASOU: There’s a green movement that’s happening in the beauty and skin care industry, what are your thoughts on it? And how is it changing things in the spa and salon industry?

PK: I love the fact that in today’s beauty and skin care industry, we have choices. We have the green movement, the wellness aspect, the holistic, the clinical , etc — and everyone can choose what is best for their lifestyle, their skin and their budget. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and the reason I believe for that is because we can mix and match to truly customize our ideal beauty routine. My personal beauty routine looks something like this: I use vegan body care, I work with essential oils, I indulge in great skin care as well as receiving quarterly clinical peels and injections. And to heal my body I get monthly massages.

YASOU: What is the most important part in a skin care regime?

PK: Believe it or not. Cleansing. The first step in any great skin care routine is a thorough, proper cleansing with the right kind of cleanser for your skin type and condition, and doing it day and night without fail. I have seen all skin types ruined by improper removal of makeup, and not thorough enough cleansing. When that first step of having real clean skin is achieved, then all your other products such as serums and moisturizers can do their job. And clean skin also means less bacteria and irritation to the skin, which means less skin problems.

YASOU: For us aging folks is there one ingredient we should be looking for on our labels that’s “A MUST” in choosing a skin care product?

PK: There are so many great ingredients, it’s difficult to choose . However, I have to say that the one ingredient that never fails to impress my clients is a stable form of Vitamin C. It addresses: collagen, capillary activity, clarity, circulation and color. It’s my go to!

YASOU: Do you have a favorite skin care tip you can share and leave us with?

PK: Choose an esthetician and make them your partner in skin care, listen to their recommendations when it comes to products and services. Find the one that matches your beliefs/lifestyle: whether its clinical, green, holistic, pampering etc. With so many influencers out there now in our society, I still think that a dedicated, educated, and experienced licensed esthetician, is the best professional option for serious skin care health.

YASOU: Peggy thank you for your time, answers, thoughts and expertise. I so appreciate it and am looking forward to speaking with you more in the future!

PK: Thanks for chatting with me!

Interview with Tayonon Gbala of “A Balanced You Holistic Massage Therapy”

At YASOU natural skin care we believe that “Health = Happiness=Beauty.” To achieve this you need to look at your beauty regime in a big picture sort of way. That is why we are thrilled to have Tayonon Gbala of A Balanced You Holistic Massage Therapy spend some time with us to talk about what this all means!

YASOU: Hi Tayonon! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be speaking with you today on how “A Balanced You” connects to Health, Happiness and Beauty. Can you tell us about what A Balanced You means and why it’s important?

Tayonon: A Balanced you means to me bringing proportion, physical equilibrium and mental/emotional/ spiritual steadies to my clients through practicing the art of Holistic Massage Therapy. Cultivating balance is tremendously important because it translates to a longer health span and quality of life.

YASOU: What got you on the path to wellness and starting “A Balanced You “?

Tayonon: What got me on my path to wellness and starting A Balanced You was I was going through my own personal holistic health transformation. I researched finding the right personal trainer for me and made health and fitness my first priority. In the 3 years I’ve been in business I have maintained a fifty pound weight loss.

YASOU How long have you been a Massage Therapist and what is different about Holistic Massage Therapy from regular Massage?

Tayonon: I have been a Massage Therapist for 15 years. What’s different about Holistic Massage is having an open-minded perspective; training and learning more than just western style massage modalities. Learning for myself, applying and teaching my clients that massage therapy is one facet of the greater landscape of being well and whole. The focus is on proving the most effective combination of Massage, Breath and Asian bodywork. Incorporating YASOU hydrating body cream into my signature deep Swedish massage further deepens and empowers my clients’ wellness landscape.

YASOU: We all know how important exercise and eating the right food is for ones well being. Is what we apply on our skin part of a wellness regime?

Tayonon: Absolutely! What we apply to our skin is equally as important as what we eat. Optimal health and vitality comes from the inside out. The combination of exercise, eating healthy and applying nourishing YASOU natural skin care is the way to optimal health.

YASOU Does having healthy skin affect one’s mental health?

Tayonon: Yes! Health and vitally are shown through the skin, and when your skin is healthy and vibrant, it directly affects a positive mental self-perception and attitude.

YASOU: If you had one tip to help us get on a path to a more balanced lifestyle what would that be?

Tayonon: The best tips I can offer to help you kick-start your path to balance is to be curious and educate yourself. Ok that’s two tips but I think you need both.

YASOU: Tayonon thank you so very much for partnering with YASOU natural skin care and for chatting with us. We really appreciate it. Before letting you go can you please give us your info and mention a few of your services. I have tried you’re signature massage and your Thai Massage and love them!

Tayonon: I’m so glad you enjoyed My Signature Deep Swedish featuring your amazing YASOU Hydrating Body Cream, and the Thai massage. One of my favorite services I offer is called PR&R- Pause (Breathe) Relax (Stretch) Restore (meditate) it’s a session of Breath work, Zen-Shiatsu stretching and Meditation practice. The session provides my clients with the tools to create their own daily grounding and centering practice. This service acts as a foundation for building the framework of a balanced life.

Thank you so much YASOU Skin Care From A Balanced You.

FEEL, BE, & GROW For more info please visit my website at abalancedyoumassage.com

YASOU: It was really a pleasure. Remember Love Your Self, Love Your Skin. YASOU!

Time for a Mother Daughter Skincare Talk

Proper skincare should be one of the things mothers and daughters and even grandmothers should take time to talk about. The wisdom of cross-generational experiences, concerns, and observations can often be very helpful. The key is to listen to each other, share experiences, talk about concerns in an encouraging and supportive way, and offer observations only if asked.

With those ground rules, let the conversation about skincare begin. You can start with these questions but feel free to add or ignore as you see fit. I’m including some answers we got from mothers and daughters on an informal survey we conducted.

The only advice I got from my mom about skincare was […fill in the blank]. But times have changed and I think we can do better than that.

Our survey showed that older moms received very little advice from their moms except an occasional warning to stay out of the sun. One mom said: “I have no memory of skin care advice from my mom other than beware of too much sun because it makes your skin leathery.”

There are some things I feel are important for ust to share about skin care. Can we talk now?

Some of the things moms and daughters shared included information about hereditary traits, proper cleansing, moisturizing, skin problems, protecting skin from sun damage, healthy eating and exercise. Also, how skin changes as one ages. One mom shared this about aging with her daughter: “I am open to more anti-aging, natural products as I age. And certainly I use more sunscreen!”

One mom said: “I’ve talked with her about the importance of proper skincare. I’ve gotten her facials and helped her get higher quality skin care since she was around 12.”

About proper cleansing one mom wrote: “My daughter doesn’t always remove her makeup at night and we definitely go head to head about that one.”

A daughter wrote saying: “I wish my mom would consider using natural organic skincare rather than the chemical based products she uses.”

What do you credit for your complexion?

This is a good question because it lets you know how each other thinks about your skin and your approach to healthy skin. Do you owe it to something fixed like heredity or current age? Or do you attribute it to skincare products, stress, healthy eating or other lifestyle choices?

How do you define beauty?

Listen to hear if she defines beauty beyond physical characteristics. If not, share with her your definition of beauty that includes deeper values.

One mom from the survey said: “Beauty is the aura that comes from living true to who you are.” Another said: “Self-assured grace that emits from the inside out.”

Do you disagree with anything I’ve brought up? Is there anthing you think I should know about?

Be ready to listen, because moms and daughters may have a lot to say to each other. Here is a memory one mom shared:

“My mom did something wonderful for me. She bought me a makeup lesson and facial when I was 13. She thought I was a little heavy handed on the blue eye shadow. I learned about skincare and how to apply makeup so I didn’t look like a hooker!”

Skincare can be a topic that brings moms and daughters together in a special way. This mom used it as a bridge for bonding.

“My daughter and I have gotten massages and facials together. It’s a bonding moment that we share a couple of times a year. Somewhat so that she takes care of her skin, but mostly so that she knows how important it is to manage self care and treat herself like a queen sometimes, even if no one else does. We all deserve some pampering.”

Holistic Health Coach Sarah Nicole Baker Connects Beauty with Nutrition and Health

Sarah Nicole Baker is a certified plant-based nutrition & holistic health coach, TV & media personality, and motivational speaker. She is the founder of Balanced Babe.com, BeHealthful an innovative series of health and wellness retreats and conferences.

I recently attended Behealthful’s Retreat: Spring Awakening and had such a great day that I reached out to Sarah to see if she would spend a little one-on-one-time with YASOU natural skin care to give us inside wisdom and guidance in our quest for a healthier beauty awareness.

Hello Sarah and thank you for spending some time with us!

YASOU: Sarah, how did your passion for health and wellness begin? Was there an aha moment, when you knew this is what you wanted to do?

SB: My passion for nutrition research and holistic health was a process that started to take hold when I was in my late teens, but I was modeling and acting full time which consumed my life. I lived in a small area in Istanbul, always cooked from scratch, and ate nothing but plant-based foods – all fresh and local produce. I transformed my lifestyle abroad and realized that I needed to promote this way of life in my community.

Being in the modeling industry is also very tough. There is a lot of criticism and it seems as if there is constantly a microscope on the model’s body image. I’ve been around a lot of young girls who have very poor self-esteem and extremely bad eating habits. Istanbul is an international meeting point for models all around the world. That trip turned a light bulb on in my head. I actually started Balanced Babe while living in Turkey and it evolved from there!

YASOU: People often associate good health with nutrition and exercise, but what about incorporating health into beauty routines? Are women waking up to the fact that they need to make better choices in their skincare and beauty products?

SB: The Balanced Babe lifestyle is all about bringing balance to your being which includes: nutrition, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, work, personal growth, personal life and more. We are definitely promoting home remedies for beauty routines and we stress the relationship between nutrition and beauty. A lot of what we consume shows on the outside. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and shows when we have impurities going on within us. When you feed yourself junk food, processed foods, sugars and alcohol, it will show on your skin. When you feed yourself natural, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, and complex carbs, you will also see it on your skin.

Women are starting to realize the importance of what you put ON your skin as well as maintaining beauty from the inside out. Harsh chemicals in products are absorbed into our system through our skin, and it’s starting to be eminent in the wellness industry. Natural, cruelty-free and plant-based products are definitely taking over!

YASOU: What is it that you look for in the skin care products you use? What should women look out for?

SB: It all depends on what I’m using the products for. I look for botanicals, flower essences, essential oils and other natural ingredients first. For example in my hair I always use products with Jojoba oil. The number one thing I look for when shopping for skin care is that my products are paraben and cruelty-free. I love products that have Green Tea to calm inflammation and vitamin A and C to jump start cellular turnover.

YASOU: With Spring upon us what should we be incorporating into our diets to help revive our skin after this long winter season?

SB: Definitely foods that are high in water content! Instead of constantly guzzling water to stay hydrated this season, eat water dense foods such as cucumber, watermelon, and asparagus. The foods highest in water content are fruits and veggies – you can never go wrong with fruits and veggies!

YASOU: What is one of your favorite wellness tips to help one start a path to a healthier lifestyle?

SB: The art of crowding out. I talk about this a lot in interviews and workshops. Crowding out is the exact opposite of cutting out. When you focus on the foods you need to cut out, you can end up getting discouraged and may feel deprived. Crowding out is done by focusing on foods to ADD to your diet, like the food groups I mentioned above. Experiment with nutrient dense recipes that you love. Once you start craving your favorite plant based recipes and focus on all of the options you have to cook with, you will naturally start to cut down on processed foods.

YASOU: I think we have touched on skin care, and nutrition but really we need to incorporate exercise and mental wellness to really be balanced, right? All these things really combine to result in better health and beauty. What would you suggest is a simple mental exercise one can start practicing?

SB: One trick I use that definitely helps me stay sane during the week is to make your to-do list before you go to bed. By doing this, you are planning the day ahead of you which allows you to get a better sleep. When I don’t have a to-do list all set on my night stand, I wake up in the middle of night forgetting something that I needed to do which disrupts my sleeping schedule and makes me groggy the next day. This trick is extremely simple to do and is a great step towards keeping your schedule organized, and your stress levels low!

YASOU: Can one practice happiness?

SB: Definitely! This can be done by investing time in YOURSELF. Do this right now: write down what makes you happy. Is that time with friends? Time with family? Alone time? Figure out what your “happy-place” is, and schedule time in your planner to do that at least one hour a day. Stop working past 7 p.m. and spend time with family. Waking up earlier is a lot better than going to bed later after staring at a computer screen! Make plans with friends over the weekend, call your family if they are in another state. Humans are meant to be connected with one another, love is a universal language. Practicing love can easily translate to happiness, and the easiest way to love and be loved is by having those human connections.

YASOU: Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with us! We really enjoyed speaking with you.