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Dark Chocolate May Be The Perfect Valentine For Your Skin

Why? Dark chocolate contains lots of healthy antioxidants, iron, calcium and vitamins that nourish your skin. Made from beans harvested from the cocoa tree, delicious dark chocolate contains more than 60 percent of cocoa solids, is low in sugar and made with cocoa butter, a saturated fat not associated with elevating LDL (bad) cholesterol. Valentine’s Day can be made even more special with dark chocolates made from organic or fairly traded cocoa beans. Like skin care products, the benefits reaped are only as good as the ingredients.

For its ability to nourish the body, dark chocolate is included in The Healing Foods Pyramid developed by the Integrative Medicine Department at the University of Michigan. They recommend eating up to 7 ounces a week or 1 ounce per day. Other researchers found that dark chocolate is a richer source of polyphenols and flavanols than fruit juice. Flavonols are clinically proven to help protect skin from sunburn and other damage caused by UV rays. Cocoa can even reduce stress hormones. Less stress means less collagen breakdown and less wrinkles.

You may be wondering whether milk chocolate or white chocolate contain the same benefits. No, they don’t. Because milk binds to antioxidants in chocolate the health benefits are cancelled. So forget the chocolate milk and hot cocoa as a dark chocolate substitute. For the same reason, avoid drinking milk while eating dark chocolate.  White chocolate doesn’t contain cocoa solids so it won’t include the antioxidant benefit either.

If your sweetie doesn’t present you with a box of dark chocolates, you can still order a delicious dessert of fruit dipped in melted dark chocolate after a romantic meal at your favorite restaurant. If you don’t get chocolates or a meal, relax at home with a jar of YASOU hydrating body cream. You’re skin will love it.  (photo of chocolate: Lisa Folios/pexels)

Don’t Just Give a Gift, Present It

Estheticians know their customers want change not only in an improved physical appearance but also in their confidence or self-esteem. It’s more than just a look, the feel is important. A face, hands or body become a canvas. A hydrating body cream soothes. A vegan hand cream is pure. Include touch during your gift giving moment. It may be a kiss, hug, handshake or pat on the back. Touch always adds intimacy.  

How can you bring more joy to your gift giving experience? Employ thoughtful aesthetics and authentic gestures to your gift giving moment. We may venture to multiple shops looking for the perfect gift, but how much thought do we give to the moment when a gift is given? This moment could be the beginning of a new tradition or a once only event. The idea is to surprise, engage and intrigue. In other words, don’t just give a gift, present it. Make your gift giving moment memorable. Here are some ideas from professions that rely on aesthetics and authentic gestures to create memorable moments. 

To enhance a diner’s experience chefs know they must prepare a delicious meal, but they also need to present it well. For example, they choose the right size and color of plate to serve the food. They don’t overcrowd the plate or add too many sizes, textures and shapes. These decisions add to the diner’s delight. If your gift has color in it, choose a wrapping paper with a similar or complementary color. Fit the box size to the gift size.  

Designers use their creativity to express ideas in an original way. Composition is key. They look at multiple elements and bring them together. When presenting a gift, design the moment in a way that only you can. What will you be wearing when you give the gift? What scent is in the room? Is music playing? What about the lighting – candles or twinkling tree lights?

Writers know the power of story. When giving a gift offer a short backstory – why you think they would like it, where you got it from, why you want them to have it. Offer a complement that is heart-felt and revealing. It should tell the person something you adore about them while also revealing something about you and your relationship to that person. For example: “Every time you (do whatever), it reminds me of what a special person you are.”

This season YASOU skin care added all of the elements above to create a special skin care gift package that contains a 8oz hydrating body cream aroma free with two hand crafted Lavender, Bergamot bath bombs gift wrapped that we think will be appreciated by all gift givers as well as those receiving your gift. Moments are what make our life beautiful and memorable. Enjoy yours. Happy holidays!


Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!



Gettin’ together to smile an’ rejoice,

An’ eatin’ an’ laughin’ with folks of your choice;

An’ kissin’ the girls an’ declarin’ that they

Are growin more beautiful day after day;

Chattin’ an’ braggin’ a bit with the men,

Buildin’ the old family circle again;

Livin’ the wholesome an’ old-fashioned cheer,

Just for awhile at the end of the year.

Greetings fly fast as we crowd through the door

And under the old roof we gather once more

Just as we did when the youngsters were small;

Mother’s a little bit grayer, that’s all.

Father’s a little bit older, but still

Ready to romp an’ to laugh with a will.

Here we are back at the table again

Tellin’ our stories as women an men.

Bowed are our heads for a moment in prayer;

Oh, but we’re grateful an’ glad to be there.

Home from the east land an’ home from the west,

Home with the folks that are dearest an’ best.

Out of the sham of the cities afar

We’ve come for a time to be just what we are.

Here we can talk of ourselves an’ be frank,

Forgettin’ position an’ station an’ rank.

Give me the end of the year an’ its fun

When most of the plannin’ an’ toilin’ is done;

Bring all the wanderers home to the nest,

Let me sit down with the ones I love best,

Hear the old voices still ringin’ with song,

See the old faces unblemished by wrong,

See the old table with all of its chairs

An I’ll put soul in my Thanksgivin’ prayers.

~ By (Edgar Albert Guest, 1881-1959)

Scary Skin Care Stories

Halloween is around the corner and I’ve been hearing some scary skin care stories. Don’t try to trick your skin, treat it well and avoid mistakes as described in these tales.

Horrifying breakouts from heavy makeup
A friend’s teenage daughter left her Halloween makeup on all night and woke up with a shiny, red, bumpy face. Her mom created a scrub using two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of water to cleanse and exfoliate her daughter’s skin. Oily, heavy makeup left on the skinmixes with dead skincells to clog pores, trapping bacteriainside and causing acne. Halloween face makeup is usually oil-based, heavier and thicker than every day makeup so don’t get spooked by clogged pores. While makeup may be a safer alternative to wearing a Halloween mask, don’t forget to cleanse well when the witching hour comes.

Bacteria communities
Here’s a creepy, yet healthy discovery made by researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute. Our skin is crawling with hundreds of kinds of bacteria in moist creases behind our ears and under our neck, to the webs of our toes, the navel and the fold between our eyes. Dry areas of the skin also contain bacteria, but it is less diverse. “Our results underscore that skin is home to vibrant communities of microbial life, which may significantly influence our health,” said researcher Elizabeth A. Grice. Another harmless, but unsettling reality is that microscopic mites graze on oils, skin cells and other microbes on our face.

Face mask mistakes
If you decide to apply a facial mask, make sure your young children are away or asleep. A friend covered her face with a green, organic facial mask to refresh her skin. When her two-year old son saw her, he screamed and ran away in fear of not knowing what had happened to his mother’s face. She had to wash off the expensive mask in order to calm him down.

Skin care products gone bad
After finding an old jar of moisturizer in her bathroom, a woman started using it again only to find her skin inflamed with sensations of burning and irritation. If you notice any change in your product’s texture, color, or smell throw it away. Sunscreen shelf life is about two years. Shampoo lasts for years if you keep the bottle closed. The same holds true for soaps if they remain in their packaging before use. Quality moisturizers and serums can last up to two years. Always apply with clean hands and fingers to avoid spreading infection.

Also, people who neglect or misread skin care product instructions risk skin hazards including discoloration or irritation. It’s always important to read the instructions on how to use all products properly. Harsh ingredients used incorrectly can result in multiple skin nightmares.

Dirty, yucky makeup brushes
Perhaps the most often committed skin sin is not cleaning your makeup brushes. Unwashed makeup brushes can become a breeding ground for dirt and bad bacteria that causes breakouts in the skin.  Rashes, blisters, irritation, clogged pores and other skin ailments can occur when using dirty makeup brushes. A friend who admitted to not cleaning her brushes regularly, saw a small cyst forming on her face. She thought it would go away, but years later the bump remains on her face. Dirt also diminishes the performance of your brushes. What was once blending can appear as streaks making makeup application a hassle.

An unlikely culprit
A pillow case can serve as a great ghost costume or candy collector but while sleepingplacing your face directly on the pillow case causes friction on the skin which can lead to wrinkles and create forehead lines. Facedown sleepers may experience more skin breakouts. That’s because dirt and oil from the pillow and grease from your hair is in contact with the skin. Sleep on your back with your head elevated a bit. Flat sleepers may experience puffy eyes due to fluid buildup. Wash your sheets and pillow cases at least once a week to avoid impurities on your skin. Apply a hydrating body cream. Also, remember to apply a hydrating night cream on your face to moisturize your skin and support your body’s natural night time renewal processes.

Don’t be haunted by these scary skin care stories. Love your skin and these nightmares will turn into sweet dreams.

Prepping Your Skin For Date Night

When date night comes around or any special occasion, including Valentines Day, you can do a few extra things to make your skin look and feel beautiful. Your skin care requires daily maintenance which in the very least means morning and evening cleansing and moisturizing. But here are some tips that will take your skin beyond the ordinary routine into a touch-me skin experience.

Cleansing Dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and oil attach to our skin daily. These particles must be dislodged and washed away with a good cleanser. If you have oily skin try a gel or foam cleanser. If your skin is dry, try a cream cleanser. For date night, try a luxe exfoliating body bar in the bath. Complete a second cleansing on your face to clear your pores. Remember, warm water opens the pores, so rinse with cool water to close pores.

Waxing & shaving. If body hair is a turn off, get rid of it. Before waxing, check your skin for inflammation or open sores as these areas should not be tampered with. Lightly exfoliate, clean and moisturize skin days before waxing. Avoid use of retinol products for up to two weeks before waxing. When shaving, don’t share razors. A women’s razor is designed for female hair growth and a man’s razor for his facial hair growth. If you like shaving in the shower cool the water temperature down before beginning. Shave upward on legs against the way hair grows.

Layer beauty products You may want to add moisturizer right away after cleansing but layering products beginning with the lightest (serums, toner, eye cream) before you moisturize can make these products more effective.

Moisturize Trap moisture in the skin by massaging a luxe wellness hydrating body cream from the neck down after bathing. Go ahead and share a gender-neutral body cream moisturizer with your sweetheart. Take turns massaging the cream onto your bodies. For a clean smooth surface, wait five minutes after applying moisturizer to allow the skin to absorb it, before adding other products. You can brighten your skin by adding facial or body oil after applying the moisturizer. Try a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid to plump facial skin and reduce lines.

Makeup Before date night, give your face a break from makeup, especially at night. Your skin needs oxygen in order to complete its natural exfoliating process. Left on makeup can clog pores and increase inflammation that can lead to collagen breakdown and more free radicals. A cellular night cream can nurture your skin during the night hours when blood flow is higher and absorption increases.

After applying lightweight products and waiting the recommended five minutes after moisturizing, apply foundation first and then concealers. Create structure with a bronzer, then add blush. Add a lip balm and let it absorb before applying lipstick. This helps keep lipstick in line and lasting longer. Yasou Skin Care will be introducing a specially formulated lip elixir in 2018 to keep your lips healthy and beautiful.

Colors in eye shadow, liner, mascara and brows should compliment each other. But for date night, go ahead and add some glam by accenting your eyes or lips with color that is out of your ordinary routine. Set your makeup with a powder.

Handholding is a must on date night. Don’t forget to clean up your cuticles, polish your nails and moisturize with a luxe wellness vegan hand cream specially formulated for this layer of skin.

Essence. Add a light aroma of your choice as final preparation for date night and relax. Be you. The first thing your sweetheart may notice is your spirit. These skin care tips can help you feel confident and bring the most romantic side of yourself to the table.

YASOU skin care is Greek inspired and so is the origin of Cupid, a mythical being now associated with Valentine’s Day. He was identified first in Greek mythology as Eros. It was his uniting power of love that brought harmony and order to the chaos of the world. The Greek story of Eros, Psyche and Aphrodite is one of love, loss, and love returning. May love and beauty bring order to your world.

8 Great Holiday Gifts Under $50.00

Our list of Holiday Gifts under $50.00 will surely make your holiday shopping a little easier this season. All the items we have listed are either natural, organic, or hand crafted with sustainable ingredients. These are great gifts for a special person in your life – friends, colleagues, teachers, nannies, masseuse, stylist, mail carrier, neighbors – all of those people who have helped you live the life you want.


1) Black Butter Mask by Ari Rose. A great gift for a grab bag, stocking stuffer or just to say Happy Holiday’s to someone you like. Black Butter Mask is deep
cleansing and detoxifying as it removes dirt, oil and dead skin from your face and body. It’s made with Dead Sea mineral mud, seaweed powder, activated charcoal and diatomaceous earth. Every ingredient is chosen for it’s skin enhancing and detoxification properties. This item can be found on
Price: $24.99 


2) Certified Organic Quattro Eye Shadow To The Moon & Black by Antonym Cosmetics. A great gift for a daughter, mother, or close friend. Cosmetics Intensity? blends with luminosity in this Antonym Eye Shadow. The long lasting, smooth formula is created with light accentuating pigments that enhance colors by providing added depth. The pigments are characterized by intensity, radiance and a silky texture. Apply for shading, highlighting and lining the eye. Festive for evening and radiant for day. Ideal for the most sensitive skin. This item can be found on  Price: $39.00


3) Fawn and Friends Reversible Minky Hat by Whirlykidde. A great gift or stocking stuffer for a little boy or girl. This soft minky hat with ear flaps is reversible. It is handmade in the USA with a soft napped finish and an exclusive print design. One size fits most and each hat comes with a downloadable e-book of “Fawn and Friends.” The book code is on the hang tag. This item can be found on whirlykidde (sold out)  Price: $25.00


4) Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2PK Mild/Robsut by Kolossos. A great gift for any foodie you may know. The Mild oil is a delicate flavor, ripe olive fruit, buttery with hints of apricot, ripe apple and pine. It is Unfiltered, from Manaki Olives Grown in Argolida, Greece. The Robust oil is full bodied, a peppery flavor with hints of nuts, green tea and tomato leaf. It is unfiltered, from Koroneiki olives grown in Lakonia, Greece. This item can be found on   Price: $38.00


5) YASOU Holiday Body Care Gift Box by YASOU natural skin care. Treat the one you love to the ultimate Greek-inspired YASOU spa-at-home experience. This holiday body care gift box includes an 8oz. body soap with Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang essential oils, hand-crafted just for the holidays; the signature 4oz hydrating body cream aroma free, and a 2oz. vegan hand cream. This cruelty-free, Greek-inspired body care trio pampers the skin with pure luxe ingredients. This item can be found on YASOU skin care (sold out).   Price: $39.00


6) Getting’ Figgy With It by Aged and Infused. A great gift for anyone that enjoys whiskey. Flavorful figs, juicy peaches and a dash of brown sugar combine for a warm, fruity whiskey infusion. This item can be found on aged and infused (sold out)   Price: $24.99


7) Spicy Quattro Truffles by Mindful Indulgences. A great stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for anyone. It includes four truffels: Cinnamon Sugar, Turmeric Ginger, Vanilla Raisin and Curry Coconut – all delicious, organic, vegan certified, gluten free and fair trade ingredients made in the USA. This item can be found on Price: $13.60


8) Campfire Candle by Detroit Rose Candles. Another great stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for anyone. Detroit Rose Candles are hand-poured with all natural vegan-soy wax and premium fragrance oils with scents of Lavender, Milk + Honey, Fig Tree, Campfire, Tobacco + Bay Leaf or Cedar + Amber. Each candle is about 4” tall and has a burn time of 66+ hours. The scents are. Made in Detroit/USA. This item can be found on   Price: $26.00


YASOU skin care is wishing you and your loved ones the warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! See you in 2018.

Gift Giving Goes Beyond the Moment of Exchange

Exchanging gifts with friends, family and others we care about is fun. As gift givers, that moment of exchange is what we tend to focus on according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Indiana University. They suggest we look beyond the exchange moment to how the gift recipient will value the gift over time. Their study showed that’s how recipients tend to look at the gift. Recipients are not as caught up in the moment as they are in the value the gift brings over time.

Sometimes the gift exchange moment is awkward because we’re not sure if it is the right gift. To become a better selector of gifts that are valued over time try to avoid common gift-giving mistakes and focus on who the person is, what they appreciate and how they can use the gift.

A requested gift
A professional organizer I know will not send a gift certificate to anyone who has not already confirmed that the recipient would appreciate such a gift. If a person has never shown any interest in, listed, or ever requested the kind of gift you intend to give, think again.

Tangible material gifts
If the gift recipient enjoys experiences more than tangible gifts don’t clutter their closet with sweaters or their cabinets with coffee mugs. Tickets to a movie or play or a gift card to a local coffee shop will be appreciated and valued over time.

Donations to charity
Giving donations as a gift in the receiver’s name doesn’t provide much value or practical use to the recipient as time goes by. Instead, consider buying an auction item from the charity that you think the recipient would enjoy.

Because a gift recipient tends to look at its value over time, not in the moment, the key to better gift giving may be to empathize with the recipient and focus on gifts that are well appreciated and have a practical use. When you know they will appreciate and value the gift you’ve chosen for them, that moment of exchange will last longer in both of your hearts.

YASOU skin care products meet all the criteria for great gift giving. They are well appreciated by all who value natural wellness products. They are useful, effective and long lasting. YASOU skin care is a daily sensory experience that lets the people in your world know you care. They will love it!

Gift Ideas That Say Thank You.

The holiday season can get hectic but how often do we get to thank all the people who make our life better, who are there when we need them, who make life easier? Some times it can be the simplest thing that brings joy into our life. Gift giving is one of those things. YASOU skin care is here to help you make the gift of giving easy and purposeful.

Who will you give gifts to?
We’ve made a list of people who regularly step in that you might want to think about. Feel free to add or subtract from this list and share others in the comments below.

Family members (Mom, daughters, grandma, aunts, cousins)
Friends (the ones who remember special days and events in your life)
Co-workers (secretaries, administrators, consultants)
Hairdresser, manicurist, cleaning lady, dog walker
Teachers, bus driver, nanny and babysitters
Neighbors and others who have given gifts to you in the past

What gift to give?
Assess whether or not your special person has enough stuff for their living space or display area. If they complain of clutter, get them something they can consume and won’t have to worry about organizing or storing.

If your special person likes experiences, buy tickets to a performance or purchase something that will add pleasure to their daily routine. We like the idea of gifts that keep on giving. It is a reminder to them of your gratitude.

share your values
YASOU wellness skin care products are a great way to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘I care about you.’ They are carefully formulated to offer only the best ingredients for one’s skin. If it is important for you to purchase cruelty-free products we meet the standard developed by Leaping Bunny, the leading animal protection organization in the cosmetics industry. All YASOU skin care products are gluten free. Our cellular face creams and moisturizing hand cream are vegan. Our hydrating body cream contains honey extract and beeswax, so technically we won’t categorize it as vegan.

To simplify gift giving this year and to make this holiday season a special one, align your gift giving with who and what you value. Such joy of giving will fill your heart.

This holiday season YASOU natural skin care is offering a special gift package that will absolutely please everyone on your list. It brings pleasure and beauty to any skin care regimen. The gift package will be available to purchase in the coming weeks.

Give Your Valentine a Body Cream Adventure

When most people travel to different regions of the world they want to experience its uniqueness. They may find ethnic foods that deliver new flavors and aromas, street markets that are filled with welcoming vendors and landscapes that surround them with 360 degrees of beauty. For this Valentine’s Day, surprise your sweetheart by discovering a different region within yourselves. Give them a natural body cream adventure.

This idea allows you and your valentine to venture beyond candy and flowers. You will find your uniqueness and share it in a way you never have before. I started YASOU skin care by taking the best of my Greek heritage. I created a natural body cream that softens and soothes the skin. It is an expression of what I love doing.

Before participating in this idea, purchase or open a jar of YASOU natural body cream. Spread the body cream over areas you want your sweetheart to touch. Allow some time to enjoy the unique scent the cream bestows on your bodies. When answering the questions below use all of your five senses – touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Be who you are, naturally.

What do you love doing most?

What do you want? (Phrase this in a positive way).

What will your life be like after achieving your goals?

Be grateful for a sweetheart who is willing to share this experience with you. No other two people will share it in the same way. You are unique. Let us know if you discover something welcoming and beautiful on this Valentine’s Day.

Hint: Purchase a jar of YASOU Body Cream before Valentine’s Day and you will receive two pieces of gift-wrapped, heart shaped Godiva dark chocolates.

Best Skin Care Gifts

With the holiday season upon us we thought it would be helpful to put together a few of our favorite skin care gift ideas for you.

These skin care gift ideas will make any special friend or loved one very happy and grateful. They can be budget friendly to luxurious – it’s all up to you.

1. Hand Made Soaps. We love natural, plant based soaps. A favorite of ours is Beekman’s COFA Soap. They are all natural biodegradable, vegetable oil based soaps for everyday use in the bath and shower. The soaps are handmade from saponified? coconut, olive, palm and almond oils and pure essential oils. They use NO artificial ingredients, perfumes, dyes or lathering agents. They are wonderful!

2. Set of Face Brushes. We prefer vegan, cruelty-free face brushes. A favorite of ours is SOHO Naturals 6-piece Fresh Face Brush Set. It has everything you need to create a naturally beautiful look. It includes a foundation brush, highlighter brush, all-over eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush and a brush pouch. The brushes have bamboo handles, and cruelty-free nylon bristles. They also have great Kabuki Brushes.

3. A Spa Day. A gift of wellness to a loved one is a very special gift. There are so many great spas so we recommend you do a little research or get referrals from a trusted source that knows about beauty. We recommend a day filled with a facial (we love hydra-facials and think everyone should have one), massage (deep tissue is one of our favorites but there are others that may appeal to you), and a body treatment (we love the hydrating treatments or wraps). What is great about this gift is that you can customize it and make it as special as you like. Trust us, this will not disappoint.

4. A Set of Organic Cotton & Bamboo Towels or Bathrobe. What can be better for the skin than hand woven organic cotton/bamboo towels or bathrobe. They are plush and soft and everyone should own a pair. There is no better way to snuggle! We adore the selection and gift sets at Nandina Organics and believe you will as well.

5. YASOU natural skin care. The body cream is hydrating and is like having a spa experience but at home. It is filled with so much goodness and contains essential oils that help relax you. The face creams: a cellular day and cell renewal night cream are moisturizing treatments that deliver a boost of essential, naturally-sourced ingredients combined with the exclusive Calityl-O Complex, to hydrate, replenish and reinvigorate the skin to it’s optimum condition and keep it looking stunning every day.

This skin care line is Greek-Inspired, natural with certified organics and is pure luxe.

I hope our top five skin care gift ideas are helpful to you. We wish you Happy Holidays and happy shopping.