Beautiful Skin Makes a Good First Impression

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Whether you are a professional who spends the day in an office, a consultant working on assignments for clients, or a freelance journalist scooping stories on the street we are all jumping from one first impression to the next. We want to stand out for our work, and sometimes our look. It can bring us closer to those we want to know. When going for the look, get comfortable in your own skin.

People assume that what is beautiful is good. Physically attractive people generate favorable first impressions. If you don’t consider yourself one of the “beautiful people” don’t dismay. Research shows that nonverbal communication such as posture, eye contact, and tone of voice influence first impressions as well. Beautiful skin gives you an advantage.

Many people equate first impressions to one’s attire – the suit, shirt, leg wear, coat, or shoes worn. Others may focus on hair, eyes, voice and skin. It is here that everyone can succeed. When these are well attended to, the result is not only a “look” of confidence but a feeling of confidence. Your posture and sense of authority direct the look. The look doesn’t direct you.

The Daily Mail reported that 42-year-old actress Jennifer Garner was seen at dinner with her family in Santa Monica wearing no makeup. Casually dressed, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she sports a warm smile in the photograph. Garner wears her flawless complexion well and attributes it to avoiding the sun and her basic skincare routine.

How a woman feels in her own skin influences her style, approach, communication, decision-making, and energy level. All of these influence first impressions. The natural look is associated with authenticity. Natural skincare products are a perfect complement to the natural look. When women struggle with their skin and skincare products, the battle spills over to other areas.

The flawless skin of a 20-year old model may be a faulty goal for most of us. Get comfortable in your own skin. Moisturize, nurture, and pay attention to what your skin needs. Apply a body cream after a shower to keep your skin smooth in key areas including neck, elbows, knees and feet. Use morning and night face creams daily to hydrate, firm and reinvigorate the skin. Making good first impressions is where your skincare regime gets noticed.

Make your first impressions last. The more frequently you see someone, the more likely they are to develop positive feelings towards you. When you believe you are beautiful, you will be.

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