At-Home Skincare Technology Worth Exploring

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The latest advances in skincare technology are providing new tools that can improve the look and feel of your skin safely in the privacy of your own home. Consumers can use these devices to maintain results received from in-office treatments, or boost a topical skincare routine, and help slow down the natural progression of aging. The technology varies relying on algorithms, electronics, chemistry, vibration, sound, and light therapy to create non-invasive treatments for your skin. They may not be equivalent to what’s in a dermatologist’s office because they often work at lower energy levels making it safe for home use.

That said, effective, quality at-home skincare devices can cost between $300 to $500 so do your research. Is it easy to use? Will I stick to the recommended routine? What skincare issues do I want it to address? Does your dermatologist recommend you use it? Look for FDA approval and read all the instructions on proper use. Some products come with disposable, single-use parts or serums and gels that require refills. Read articles and consumer product reviews about the devices and weigh the benefits for yourself.


Below is a general description of three types of skincare devices currently on the market proven to be safe and effective for home use.


Microcurrent machines

These may be touted as offering at-home “facelifts” because they target facial muscle tone using microcurrents. After charging the device you roll it across the skin, applying pressure to help improve skin texture, tightness, and tone. Some users may see instant results. Recommended usage can be as much as 20 minutes a day, five times a week. The results are cumulative so over time you should see a difference. Tools that rely on rollers or wands apply pressure on skin. Such massaging of the skin can stimulate the lymphatic system and collagen production.


LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy comes in many forms but it’s the face mask that can brighten and clarify facial skin using up to five different colors. The red light is used to smooth and brighten skin, while also stimulating collagen production. The blue light can kill acne bacteria and diminish fine lines, and inflammation. Green reduces pigmentation and sunspots, while yellow reduces redness and boosts circulation. White light is used for wound healing and skin repair. Some LED Light Therapy masks contain a combination of the lights that can reap multiple benefits. These can be effective with just three minutes of use daily. If you want to focus on the eye area only, look for LED light therapy goggles. Light therapy sticks for acne can now be found in over the counter drugstores.



At-home microneedling devices such as dermarollers can penetrate skin up to 5,000 timer per minute using 20 soft needles at least .3mm thick to stimulate collagen and elastin production to diminish fine lines as well as to improve skincare product absorption. The pokes to the skin can push product deeper, offering brightening and hydrating improvements. Recommended use is once every two weeks. Some of these at-home devices should be used with a serum often included with the purchase. There are also microneedling tools that come with special heads to plump lips.

With proper use, at-home skincare devices can offer a convenient and less expensive way to care for your skin.

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