8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

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1). SAOR Perfume A great gift, stocking stuffer or just to say Happy Holiday’s to someone you  like. It’s SAOR’s original fragrance a hAon, (Gaelic) It will transport you through the fresh, enchanting, Irish mist blanketing the Irish hillsides. Each 10ml bottle of a hAon pure perfume oil infuses fragrant bergamot, refreshing white tea and alluring, airy musk to create a delicate perfume that calms and captivates.

SAOR perfume is free of alcohol and water. 10 ml bottle packaged in beautiful bamboo box. This year the are offering a holiday bundle. A special FREE surprise with each order.   www.saorperfume.com   Price: $65.00


2). Selleria Veneta  has a Collection of leather bracelets that are to die for!  A great gift for a daughter, mother or close friend.  The unique collection is handmade in Tuscany by Roberto Mantellasssi.  The tradition of craftsmanship combined with selected exotic leather and metals are the essential elements for a product that will endure through time with elegance and beauty.  www.selleriaveneta.com   Price: $85.00+


3). TATINE Candles.  A Special gift for a special someone.  Tatine Candles are not just candles but  “The Poetry of Objects” Tatine’s collections go a little deeper and give a little more.  The candles are slowly made by hand every day, with soul and subtle detail.  Global artisans bring to life the timeless custom pieces with their bespoken fragrances, hand forged brass and mouth-blown glassware. The candle vessels are made in compliant factories by skillful artisans with the mission to create a second life through drink safe glassware or keepsake containers.  Visit
www.tatinecandles.com   Price: $30.00+


4). Lisa Slodki Design.  Jewelry inspired by geometry, from the structure of the “Milky Way “to a snail’s spiral shell is what you’ll find in the beautiful craftsmanship of Lisa Slodki’s jewelry designs.  Lisa is offering FREE Shipping and 10% OFF for the holidays’. Beautiful pieces that make a very special gift for anyone that you are thinking of this holiday season.   www.lisalodidesign.com   Price: $80.00+


5).  YASOU Holiday Box.   This holiday season make it special and give the gift of YASOU “a toast to your health” skin care. This luxe wellness holiday gift box includes a natural soap bar with Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang essential oils, hand-crafted just for you, our signature 3.4 hydrating body cream with essential oils, and a 2oz. vegan hand cream aroma free gift wrapped with a beautiful stain green ribbon. This cruelty-free, Greek-inspired body care trio pampers the skin with natural, plant-based ingredients. This item can be found on www.yasouskincare.com   Price: $35.50


6).  Aged and Infused.  “The Infusion Kits” are great gifts for anyone that enjoys whiskey.  There are three different kit’s: “Spike the Punch”, “Snowed In”, and “Island Time” Alcohol Infusion kits you can choose from or get all three!.  These items can be found on www.agedandinfused.com  Price: $25.00 each


7).  Pure Principles  A  skin care line that is steeped in the 500 year old principles of Ayurveda. All their formulations are hand crafted in micro-batches to ensure the freshest, most potent products.  They are offering an array of gift sets that would make your skin care enthusiast jump for joy!   www.purprinciples.com Price: $35.00+


8).  SKG Leather.  Is all about craftsmanship- the leather goods range from Hand-Patterned Bookmarks, Hand-Laced Flasks, Hand-Patterned Napkin Rings to  Purses and much more.  The leatherwork and hand-stitching makes the pieces even more beautiful.  Gift ideas for her, him, daughter, son, friend or colleague-can’t go wrong!   www.skgleather.com  Price: $36.00


YASOU skin care is wishing you and your loved ones the warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  See you in 2021. (image: Element5Digital | Pexels)


  1. Sean

    Great list! I’ve just finished decorating my house and looking for gift ideas for my family and me too! Both me and my mom have skin problems, sensitive skin for me, and melasma for her. Could you recommend the best one for me?

    • admin

      Hi Sean,

      Thank you for writing. Here are my thoughts.


      So I do recommend me (YASOU skin care) because we offer aroma free versions of our hydrating body creams (also EWG verified) and our vegan hand cream for body and hands and for the face our vegan cellrenewal night cream they are all great for sensitive skin and a little goes a long way. For your mom who has melasma it depends how severe it is. For large blocks of discoloration I recommend visiting a dermatologist. For discolored spots on the face our vegan cellular day cream can help because it is high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids! The other company you should look at is “Pure Principles” their line is different than ours but I love the owners and believe they do mindful creations without any harmful ingredients they they use super good ingredients and are natural!

      Hope this helps!

      Happy Holidays Terry.


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