Interview: Robin Holmer on Crystals and Skin Care

I met Robin Holmer a few years ago at a market where we both were selling our goods. I with YASOU skin and Robin with her beautiful jewelry.  I was drawn to both the jewelry (her work) and her spirit.  Robin has a calmness about her that resonates in way that makes you feel clam as well, I realized that there was something special about her almost sensing that she could possibly be a healer of sort.  I wanted to reach out to her because of this and because of her work with stones, crystals and jewels, as well as being a practitioner of wellness.  There is so much talk out there about crystals in skin care and their healing power so I reached out to Robin to have a chat on this subject matter.


TN: Hi Robin, thank you for doing this interview/chat with us. I’m really excited to be chatting with you. If you can first tell us a little about yourself and how/why you got involved in working with crystals, etc.?


RH:  Hi Terry, thank you again so much for inviting me to join you today. I am honored to be speaking with you on this topic as crystals and health are so dear to my heart.

I have been in love with crystals and basically just nature in general my whole life and felt so connected to their beauty and rawness, and just the way I feel around them. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I started creating headbands and bracelets for myself to wear to events and music festivals from beads and crystals that I’ve collected over the years where I realized how special they are to me and how I want to be surrounded by them everyday and give others the opportunity to experience the beauty and magic that they bring to me in their everyday lives.


TN: Do you believe crystals have healing powers? And if so give us some examples?


RH:  I strongly believe that crystals have healing powers. It is one of the main reasons that I am attracted to them and use them, wear them and surround myself with them pretty much every day. I actually carry a black tourmaline quartz point in my purse with me everywhere I go because black tourmaline is known to clear away negativity, help you ground, and because it’s also a quartz base crystal these properties are amplified, and together they help you create balance within your body.

I also love wearing stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and basically any vibrantly blue crystal around my throat in a choker or necklace because it activates the throat chakra because that is where you speak your truth and communicate with others. Each chakra or energy center within the body is activated by certain crystals’ properties and how they can most easily assist you in your ever day healing. The colors pink and green are connected to the heart chakra and can most greatly benefit you when worn near the heart.

TN: How about  crystals in skin care ? Are certain Crystals for certain skin types?

RH:  This is a great question! I do know that Rose Quartz and Amethyst are great crystals to wear touching the skin because it greatly enhances their delicate and gentle healing and anti-aging properties. They both are often used in face and skin rollers as they increase the lymphatic flow throughout the body and reduce inflammation within the body.

Rainbow Fluorite is actually used to help with skin problems such as acne as well. It is a great stone in general for bringing emotional stability into one’s life so it can help with your physical appearance and emotional security and confidence, which I know acne can affect.


TN: How can we incorporate a wellness regime with the practice of Crystals and can that effect the skin as well?


RH:  I would say that one of the greatest ways to do this is by doing a lymphatic flush with crystal rollers. The stones have a cooling effect when rolled on the skin in addition to their own individual properties. When you use the rollers, the pressure helps your skin detox and flush out impurities from the lymph to cleanse your system.

You can use stones like rose quartz, amethyst and fluorite to massage any inflamed or negatively affected skin, or even wash with a gemstone infused water.

Crystals are also incredibly powerful when used in meditation practices and can help your mental wellbeing greatly just by praying with them, setting intentions to release what no longer serves you, and what you want to intentionally attract into your life.


TN: How can crystals enhance beauty in our lives?


RH:  Crystals are amazing for enhancing beauty in our lives by just existing as they are. They have their own unique properties, glowing and vibrant colors, and can invoke many positive, healing emotions within us, creating an environment where you feel inspired to thrive as your happiest and healthiest self. I know when I wear opals I feel my most beautiful. They are so incredibly magical, mystical and dazzling to the eye and I feel confident, abundant and surrounded by beauty when I wear them I in turn feel much more beautiful.


TN: For our last question is there anything you may want us to know on this subject matter or leave us with something to think about on this subject matter?


RH:  Yes! I often get asked if crystals are as effective if they are touching the skin or not. This can be difficult in certain pieces depending on how the stones are set, but is often very easy for pieces like crystal bracelets which directly touch the skin.

I personally believe that it is your intention placed and your belief in the crystal’s natural healing powers that most greatly effect this. However, I do see the benefit in the crystals actually touching the skin because there is direct contact. I am a strong believer in the natural metaphysical properties of the crystals and believe that if you trust and believe in them, they will in turn provide value and healing for you. Some of my favorite stones like rainbow moonstone and clear quartz I especially believe this to be true because they are amplifiers of energy.


TN:  Thank you Robin for chatting with us and sharing your knowledge I love your work and I think our audience will as well so please share your link and info.  Much love your way- YASOU!


RH:  Thank you so much Terry! I adore you, your mission and your work, and am obsessed with your hand cream, it is literally all that I use.  I have been focusing on creating a new line of jewelry that will debut in the spring I am excited to post about.

You can find me on Instagram @KenzaCollection, my website is and I am also on etsy at

I love working on custom pieces, they are my absolute favorite so please feel free to reach out at any time, I would love to connect.

(image: Deena | Pexles)

How Skin Responds to Moments That Move Us

Moments that move us can be simple or grand. Generously tipping wait staff at a restaurant, smiling at a coworker, listening to a street musician, talking with a stranger, eating something with the perfect taste and texture, watching a bird migration, looking down from a mountainside, laughing with a friend, receiving a postcard, gazing into the eyes of someone we love. With each moment that moves us our body reacts. Experiencing many good moments has rewards for your health and skin.


Fall in love

When feeling love the body experiences a physiological process that produces the hormone oxytocin also known as the attachment hormone. When oxytocin levels are high, the body may produce less cortisol, a stress hormone that can increase oil production in the skin glands, leading to acne breakouts and clogged pores. Oxytocin is known to reduce some inflammatory processes. When the body contains more oxytocin, your skin may show more glow and less irritation. Go ahead, fall in love.


Stay excited

Your body gets excited during physical activity such as while exercising, during a hot shower or having sex, but it also responds to internal excitement. Reading a poem, admiring a painting, attending a performance can all excite the same kind of response. The capillaries in your skin dilate giving a smooth, rosy, well-hydrated look to your face.


Reduce stress

Skin does not differentiate between types of stress whether it be physical, environmental, emotional or psychological. The body views stress as a kind of attack. To defend itself it creates inflammatory cells that can trigger a flare-up in skin conditions. These cells may break down collagen, a protein that helps keep skin smooth and strong, and may contribute to decreased levels of hyaluronic acid.  The natural fight-or-flight response associated with stress increases adrenaline and cortisol which can dry skin and reduce its ability to retain moisture. The body directs blood away from the skin and to your muscles. Too much cortisol weakens the immune system and enlarges blood vessels which can enhance dark circles under the eyes.


Find ways to reduce and release stress. Exercise, meditation and love can help most people feel less stress.


Add pleasure, not pain

Sadness can cause your blood vessels to restrict, casting a paler than normal look to your skin. Crying can cause your face to puff up and salty tears can dehydrate your skin. Seek out pleasure in whatever way is best for you. Invite a friend and share a moment together. The bond you feel will boost your spirits and your oxytocin levels.


Moments that move us are important to experience every day not just for our psychological and emotional well-being, but for our skin as well. When your lover says “Your beautiful” on Valentine’s Day, allow the compliment to flush through your body. Your skin will naturally respond with a blush prettier than roses.

(image: Trung Nguyen | pexels)