Benefits of a Good Eye Cream

Beautiful eyes have inspired poets, painters and philosophers since the beginning of time. In Love’s Labour’s Lost William Shakespeare wrote:

“For where is any author in the world 
Teaches such beauty as a woman’s eye?”

Think of the skin around your eyes as a canvas and you will surely take the steps to keep your eyes beautiful and radiant. A good eye cream is specially formulated for the more delicate skin around the eye. Active ingredients target special problems unique to the eye area. Botanical hyaluronic acid moisturizes and improves elasticity. Skin surrounding the eye is prone to dryness. We know what dry skin results in – wrinkles, fine lines and a look of fatigue. This may be true from teen years to late in life. Such a situation would not have inspired Longfellow to write in Spirit of Poetry:

“Within her tender eye
The heaven of April, with its changing light.”

Age, sun exposure, or genes may cause dark circles under the eye. A good eye cream that contain vitamins C, K and B3 can lighten that circular darkness. Puffy eyes can occur from body fluids that pool in the skin. Caffeine helps reduce swelling or puffy eyes, by increasing circulation. Cold temperatures can also reduce puffiness.

Rather than thumbing through books, today we are more likely to be squinting at screens. Dry eye may occur and that small gesture of squinting may be creating unwanted burrows beneath your brows. Apply a good eye cream and like a sponge, the skin around the eye absorbs what it needs.

Emerson writes in Conduct of Life, Behavior:

“Eyes are bold as lions —roving, running, leaping, here and there, far and near. They speak all languages. They wait for no introduction…”

You shouldn’t wait to get the benefits of a good eye cream. Most people apply cream or serums at night and it works fine. But if you wake up in the morning with puffy, irritated eyes moisture may have moved the cream into your eyes. Avoid this by applying in the morning. Or you may have applied cream too close to the eyes.

Whether morning or night, eye cream should be applied with your ring finger beginning with a tiny dab below the inner corner of the eye. Add more tiny dabs about one quarter of an inch a part along the orbital bone. Avoid the eyelid and eyelash. Smooth onto skin and finish at the upper outer corner of the eye where crow’s feet may be. Do not rub or pull on the skin, an easy glide with the ring finger is best.

In Tis Sweet to Think Thomas Moore wrote:

“And the world’s so rich in resplendent eyes,
‘Twere a pity to limit one’s love to a pair.”

Get inspired. Enhance the Beauty of your eyes and reap the benefits of a good eye cream. Treat yourself to luxe wellness products like YASOU hydrating body cream, vegan face creams and vegan hand cream. Eye cream coming in the future!

Clean Skin Reaps Healthy Benefits

Keeping your skin clean goes beyond soap and water. While there are many cleansing products to choose from, skin cleanliness is affected by other factors including how you wash, how often, water temperature, cleanliness of towels, soap dishes and washing machine, as well as clothing. Clean skin reaps healthy benefits. Your skin acts as a protector keeping germs and parasites from getting inside the body. Keep your skin clean by heeding to advice on skin cleanliness you may not have thought of before.


Wash your skin

Experts agree that warm water is better for the skin than hot water. A mild soap will clean skin surface. You don’t need strong soaps. Make sure the dish that holds your soap is clean. Wash your entire body daily and limit your time in the shower or bath. Soaking for long periods in hot water will remove the skin’s oils. Wash your face twice daily. Pat dry your skin after washing in order to leave some moisture on the skin. Apply your favorite natural body and face cream to lock that moisturizer in and hydrate your skin. We recommend YASOU hydrating body cream, vegan hand cream and our vegan face cream set.


Keep Towels Clean

A study at the University of Arizona revealed that many household towels are a breeding ground for germs. The researchers recommend washing bath towels in hot water after every three uses. Face towels should be washed after every use. The reason to keep towels clean is to avoid re-introducing bacteria to the skin’s pores. If you pat dry with the face towel you can use the same face towel twice. But if removing makeup it’s one time and your done. This is what they say will keep germs and millions of dead skin cells on towels from transferring back to your skin surface. Bacteria like dead skin cells. Also, you may want to not share your towel with anyone else. Sharing towels can introduce organisms to your body it’s not use to causing boils, pimples and infection to occur.

Dry towels as quickly as possible and don’t fold them while damp. Bacteria can grow quickly. An unpleasant odor indicates bacteria, so wash smelly towels on the sanitize cycle of a washer. Use fragrance free detergent to avoid skin irritation. Keep your washing machine clean as well. Odors may indicate mold and mildew. Washing machines can hold buildup from detergents and softeners. Here’s a good article on how to clean front load washers.


Keep clothing clean

Clean, fresh clothing helps avoid spreading germs and bacteria to the skin. Historically, wearing linen was one way to keep the skin clean and body odor at bay. Linen is absorbent, drawing away dirt and sweat from the skin into the weave of the fabric. After washing clothes, hanging them in sunshine to dry actually kills some disease causing germs and parasites. It’s the sun’s ultraviolet rays that kill bacteria.


Some simple lifestyle changes can help keep your skin clean and healthy. To nourish your skin try some of YASOU’s Greek-inspired luxe wellness products that hydrate and beautify the skin naturally.