How LED Light Therapy Revitalizes Skin

It’s no longer a question of whether but how LED light therapy revitalizes our brain and body. We’re excited because it’s a natural, noninvasive, non-toxic way to enhance the look and feel of your skin while boosting energy and imposing calm. Scientific research supports the benefits of LED light therapy. It’s been likened to a sense of well being similar to that derived from meditation.

What makes LED light therapy effective? The simple answer is that the skin absorbs particles of light elevating a cell’s ATP. For those who have forgotten their anatomy class, ATP is the energy molecule within a cell. For skin health, the light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin on a cellular level. Various colors of light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used to relax brainwaves and recharge the body.

We didn’t want to rely on product reviews and reported celebrity use. Instead we culled through some of the scientific research including from NASA. We then talked with Yvonne Hedecker, Co-Founder of Light Health Research, LLC, who manufactures a personal phototherapy system that uses LED light to create energy in the body. Yvonne was an early adaptor of LED light technology and has watched the industry grow from skepticism to enthusiastic support.

YASOU Why are people drawn to LED light therapy now?

YVONNE: It’s a calming, relaxed experience. Demand is coming from those who embrace natural, effective solutions. People are using it for healthy skin, hair, hands, feet and nails. Also to improve sleep, increase energy levels and reduce stress. Hospitals use it in neonatal care units and for healing wounds.

YASOU Where is LED light therapy offered?

YVONNE: To try it out some people go to a medi-spa or a dermatologist’s office to receive treatments that are usually 30 minutes long. When I started in 2007, I provided sessions in my office with a large, very expensive machine. We developed a personal use compact machine that weighs six pounds called DreamSpa™. It’s professional grade with 300 lights including blue turquoise, red and infrared that are programmed at appropriate frequencies for different effects.

YASOU What’s the process?

YVONNE: There’s no pain or heat involved. I recommend people stay hydrated, rinse their face with water, and keep their eyes closed throughout the session. The lights pulse creating a particular range of biophotonic waves that relax the brain and stimulate cells. Even when focused on the face, hands, and feet there’s a systemic effect. Daily use is fine. The effect is cumulative. You can start at any age and reap benefits.

YASOU Is there maintenance or aftercare involved?

YVONNE: I use an all natural moisturizing cream once a day, that’s all.

YASOU What is it about LED Light Therapy that keeps you committed to it?

YVONNE: Our bodies are filled with light. It’s how cells communicate and regenerate. It’s a safe, natural way to enhance energy, beauty and well being. That’s something I want to share with people everywhere. It’s a natural way to be healthier and enjoy life.

Yvonne gets asked lots of questions about DreamSpa™ and LED Light Therapy. She’s included a FAQ page and additional information on the Light Health Research website if you want to know more.

YASOU Skin Care Outlook in 2017

Wow, more than a week into 2017 and we have so much to talk about! I think it will be a year of action and awareness in all aspects of skin care. Health and beauty rituals will focus on what we put into our bodies and on our skin. People are seeking information and insight on what skin care wellness is and what it means.

Natural and organic beauty has entered the main stream. It’s continuing to grow and making a mark in consumer behavior. A recent survey (from an article on found more U.S. women consumers are checking labels to avoid certain ingredients.

The “Green Beauty Barometer” survey was conducted online in June with over 1,000 U.S. women aged 18 years and older revealed that nearly six in ten U.S. adult women (59%) read beauty product ingredient labels prior to purchase. Nearly 40% intend to increase their spend for all-natural beauty products. Of those surveyed, 54% of women claimed it is important their skin care purchases are all natural products. Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering this year on natural and organic skin care.

We are excited to inform you about new tools for home skin care that will be available in 2017. From acne treating lights to LED light Therapy. Do they really work for revitalizing the skin? We’ll be talking a great deal about Hydration this year. We’ll give you our top three facials recommendations along with info on how to treat your skin after using a facemask.

Thinking about traveling this summer? I sure hope so. We want you to be ready to go and will be writing about skin care rescue treatments and products to use while traveling. We also will post our top DIY recipes to help cleanse your skin. Try it at home!

A few key ideas in 2017 skin care trends that you’ll be seeing are Hyaluronic Acid, Superfoods, anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E to name a few. We’ll be touching on all of them as well as what positive oils retain the most moisture for your skin. Oh and of course we will include the benefits of a good eye cream and what ingredients to look for!

This year we are also reaching out to all the 2017 brides. We’ll offer tips for glowing skin for their special day. There’s lot to talk about and we can’t wait to jump into the new year. You and your friends are invited to join us in our conversations. Your thoughts are important to us and we want to hear from you. Drop us a line at, like us on Facebook and instagram or comment on our blog posts.

Happy 2017! Let’s jump into action this year in full force with natural and organic beauty.