Natural Hand Care Tips That Work For You and Your Admirers

Touch, feel, grasp, pitch, pull, dig, pinch, hold, or shake – whatever you are doing with your hands, chances are you rely on them to accomplish what needs to get done each and every day. Your hands are busy when you are reading a book or writing a letter. Taking a photograph or painting a picture. Washing the dishes or driving a car. Stop for a minute to admire them.

The outer layer of the skin is busy at work. A cycle of new cells is forming at its bottom while old cells are rising to the top. This cell renewal cycle starts slowing down as we age. The thin skin on the top of our hands becomes drier as we age and is the first place to show it as we mature.

Because our hands are so busy, it’s important to give them the care they need. Here are several natural hand care tips that will keep them working well for you and your admirers.

Wash with a mild soap in tepid water
You don’t want to over wash your hands stripping them of their natural occurring oils. Nor do you want to wash with very hot water. Check the temperature before plunging your hands into hot water that can dry out your hands. Use a soap with natural moisturizing ingredients such as sunflower oil and soybean oil. No detergents.

Limit use of hand sanitizers
Primarily composed of alcohol that evaporates quickly, sanitizers may contribute to dry hands. If you are a frequent user of sanitizers follow up with a moisturizing hand cream. For a natural solution look for one with mastic essential oil which– contains anti-oxidants and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Moisturize and condition
Moisturize your hands throughout the day and before going to bed. Choose a non-greasy and absorbent hand cream that locks moisture in. Shea butter, aloe vera, glycerin and extra virgin olive oil are some of the ingredients to look for.

Protect from the elements
In the winter, protect your hands from the cold wind by wearing gloves. When working with detergents and cleaning agents wear plastic gloves. Apply sunscreen when outside.

Diminish wrinkles and rough skin
Select a natural hand cream containing extra virgin olive oil. It is a great moisturizer with omega 3 fatty acids that help smooth out rough skin. Shea butter is another vitamin-rich, moisturizing ingredient known for its anti-aging properties. Grape seed extract is known to boosts collagen development and that can help keep hands supple and more elastic. Coconut oil is known to strengthen skin tissue. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) promote younger looking skin.

Lighten age spots
Lemon extract exfoliates and brightens skin quickening the rate at which spots fade.

Keep nails and cuticles strong
Vitamin B7 can help prevent brittle nails. Foods with B7 include walnuts, brown rice and green peas. Watch out for nail polish that can dry your nails out. Formaldehyde is known to do so. You can use creams containing vitamin E over the nail and cuticle to moisturize them.

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Gift Ideas That Say Thank You.

The holiday season can get hectic but how often do we get to thank all the people who make our life better, who are there when we need them, who make life easier? Some times it can be the simplest thing that brings joy into our life. Gift giving is one of those things. YASOU skin care is here to help you make the gift of giving easy and purposeful.

Who will you give gifts to?
We’ve made a list of people who regularly step in that you might want to think about. Feel free to add or subtract from this list and share others in the comments below.

Family members (Mom, daughters, grandma, aunts, cousins)
Friends (the ones who remember special days and events in your life)
Co-workers (secretaries, administrators, consultants)
Hairdresser, manicurist, cleaning lady, dog walker
Teachers, bus driver, nanny and babysitters
Neighbors and others who have given gifts to you in the past

What gift to give?
Assess whether or not your special person has enough stuff for their living space or display area. If they complain of clutter, get them something they can consume and won’t have to worry about organizing or storing.

If your special person likes experiences, buy tickets to a performance or purchase something that will add pleasure to their daily routine. We like the idea of gifts that keep on giving. It is a reminder to them of your gratitude.

share your values
YASOU wellness skin care products are a great way to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘I care about you.’ They are carefully formulated to offer only the best ingredients for one’s skin. If it is important for you to purchase cruelty-free products we meet the standard developed by Leaping Bunny, the leading animal protection organization in the cosmetics industry. All YASOU skin care products are gluten free. Our cellular face creams and moisturizing hand cream are vegan. Our hydrating body cream contains honey extract and beeswax, so technically we won’t categorize it as vegan.

To simplify gift giving this year and to make this holiday season a special one, align your gift giving with who and what you value. Such joy of giving will fill your heart.

This holiday season YASOU natural skin care is offering a special gift package that will absolutely please everyone on your list. It brings pleasure and beauty to any skin care regimen. The gift package will be available to purchase in the coming weeks.