What’s Hot in Boutique Skin Care for 2015

Boutique skin care brands are offering unique products and services to people who are drawn to a particular experience that may include superb customer service and a specialized category such as anti-aging or natural skin care. Boutique brands are giving personal attention and educating customers much like a sommelier at a vineyard, a watchmaker or jeweler does. Small boutique skin care brands are relationship based with customer service continuing after a transaction is made. This will continue into 2015 along with several other trends I see coming in the next year.

Something new. Boutique brands will stay relevant by offering new product solutions that they know will aid and appeal to their customers.

Natural skin care. Hot for 2015 are anti-oxidant fruits to meet the increasing demand for more natural product ingredients.

Convenience. It is always an issue in our time-strapped world. Customers expect purchasing to be easy and seamless from wherever they are. Boutique brands will make this easy through online purchasing internationally.

Information. Customers want to know what the product does, its effectiveness and often what ingredients are contained in the product. This will all be spelled out either on packaging or through the brand website.

Partnerships. Boutique skin care products may be found at the local day spa. For example, a natural skin care brand may sell to spas that promise an all-natural experience for their customers.

Gender bridge. Men are paying more attention to skin care and expanding their toiletries to include moisturizers and body washes. Boutique skin care brands will be positioned to serve this target market.

DIY. Boutique skin care brands will be introducing products that re-create the spa experience at home.

Social responsibility. This will be seen in three ways – more social media activity from boutique brands on the Web as well as working with charities, and also providing recyclable sustainable packaging.

Global influences. Like chefs who travel to other countries to taste cuisine, boutique skin care brands will be adding ingredients and incorporating influences from across the world.

Friendly Approach. The sales pitch is replaced with solutions based on expertise that’s served with a smile. Boutique skin care brands will go beyond satisfying a need. They will spread joy through their appreciation of customers who choose quality products carefully designed for them.

Happy New Year!

Best Skin Care Gifts

With the holiday season upon us we thought it would be helpful to put together a few of our favorite skin care gift ideas for you.

These skin care gift ideas will make any special friend or loved one very happy and grateful. They can be budget friendly to luxurious – it’s all up to you.

1. Hand Made Soaps. We love natural, plant based soaps. A favorite of ours is Beekman’s COFA Soap. They are all natural biodegradable, vegetable oil based soaps for everyday use in the bath and shower. The soaps are handmade from saponified? coconut, olive, palm and almond oils and pure essential oils. They use NO artificial ingredients, perfumes, dyes or lathering agents. They are wonderful! Copasoaps.com

2. Set of Face Brushes. We prefer vegan, cruelty-free face brushes. A favorite of ours is SOHO Naturals 6-piece Fresh Face Brush Set. It has everything you need to create a naturally beautiful look. It includes a foundation brush, highlighter brush, all-over eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush and a brush pouch. The brushes have bamboo handles, and cruelty-free nylon bristles. They also have great Kabuki Brushes. Sohobeauty.com

3. A Spa Day. A gift of wellness to a loved one is a very special gift. There are so many great spas so we recommend you do a little research or get referrals from a trusted source that knows about beauty. We recommend a day filled with a facial (we love hydra-facials and think everyone should have one), massage (deep tissue is one of our favorites but there are others that may appeal to you), and a body treatment (we love the hydrating treatments or wraps). What is great about this gift is that you can customize it and make it as special as you like. Trust us, this will not disappoint.

4. A Set of Organic Cotton & Bamboo Towels or Bathrobe. What can be better for the skin than hand woven organic cotton/bamboo towels or bathrobe. They are plush and soft and everyone should own a pair. There is no better way to snuggle! We adore the selection and gift sets at Nandina Organics and believe you will as well. nandinagreen.com

5. YASOU natural skin care. The body cream is hydrating and is like having a spa experience but at home. It is filled with so much goodness and contains essential oils that help relax you. The face creams: a cellular day and cell renewal night cream are moisturizing treatments that deliver a boost of essential, naturally-sourced ingredients combined with the exclusive Calityl-O Complex, to hydrate, replenish and reinvigorate the skin to it’s optimum condition and keep it looking stunning every day.

This skin care line is Greek-Inspired, natural with certified organics and is pure luxe. yasouskincare.com

I hope our top five skin care gift ideas are helpful to you. We wish you Happy Holidays and happy shopping.


Keep Your Skin Aglow During the Holidays

Healthy skin maintains a smooth, vibrant look no matter what season of the year. However, the holidays can disrupt your skin care routines. Stay focused on proper cleansing, diet, exercise, and sunscreen protection even though the days seem shorter and the demands seem greater. During the holidays also beware of the following if you want to keep that healthy glow in your skin.

Reduce sugar consupmtion
Sugary treats brought into the office look yummy. The holidays may be a time to indulge a bit but know that high-sugar diets can damage collagen and elastin making skin less firm and supple. One way to combat this effect is to decrease sugar intake and use skin care products that boost collagen naturally, contain vitamins B1 and B6 as well as anti-oxidants, especially vitamins C and E.

Limit alcohol intake
Alcoholic drinks can dehydrate the skin. The best choice for your skin is one shot of vodka simply because there are no added ingredients to it. A glass of red wine may be a second choice because of the anti-oxidants it contains. However, red wine is not suggested for anyone who has rosacea since flairs can occur. Sweet alcoholic drinks (mojitos) may make your skin look sallow the next day. Salty drinks (margaritas, beer) may make your skin bloat. Salty/sugary drinks (mixed cocktails, white wine) may make skin swell. Choose non-alcoholic drinks during some of your holiday gatherings and see if it makes a difference to your skin.

Get a good night’s sleep
You may find yourself staying up late at night during the holiday season. Research at University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center on sleep-deprived women showed reduced skin health and accelerated signs of aging including wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and less suppleness. Try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. A lack of sleep can increase stress hormones in the body.

Lower your stress
Stress can morph holiday cheer into skin dread. It seems that the nervous system and stress influence inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and more in humans. Experts are calling the mind-skin connection psychodermatology. When people get tense, the body releases stress hormones that include cortisol. This may increase the skin’s oil production, creating acne. To keep your skin clear, manage holiday demands with a sense of humor and avoid getting overly stressed.

By making a few modifications and remaining vigilant with your existing healthy skin care routines your holidays and skin will stay aglow.