Skin Care as a Gift Between Friends

When is a skin cream more than a skin cream? Put into the hands of generous, caring women I’ve learned that it becomes an affirmation of the loving bond between people. I developed YASOU, a luxe natural skin care line for eco-conscious women who care about themselves and the planet we live on. But these women have told me that they send YASOU skin care products as surprise birthday gifts, as congratulations after giving birth, as a bon voyage for travelers, and more. Here are two particularly heart-warming stories of clients sharing YASOU.

Pam’s skin care gift story
“A dear friend of mine was admitted to a hospital with a puncture wound on her leg. She trains Saddlebred show horses and while walking near a machine with a piece of metal sticking out, she gashed her leg. At the time, she cleaned it well but after a few days the wounded area turned black, with a large patch of red surrounding it. When she went to the doctor she was told to go to the hospital. Once there, she was being treated by an infectious disease doctor and was told she would be confined to bed there for several days.

When I found out what had happened to my friend, I was of course concerned and wondered what I could do to lift her spirits and help her through this ordeal. I thought: ‘Flowers fade. Candy adds calories. Cards get thrown away. What can I do?’ Then it came to me. She said she wasn’t able to shower, so I thought of what refreshes me – YASOU body cream! I knew she would like the aroma from the essential oils and the soothing comfort it brings to skin.

She loved it! She still talks about how that body cream comforted her. She actually ordered some off the YASOU website for herself and bought several jars as gifts for her friends and family members during the holidays. It was a simple thing on my part, but it meant a lot to her.”

Julie’s skin care gift story
“Of the friends that I know who would be there for me if I needed them, Joanne is one of them. We met as camp counselors in Maine during college and have remained the best of friends. We’ve gone through all of life’s celebrations and struggles together even though she is a busy professional in New York and I live in Chicago. Her mother lived into her nineties, with Joanne tenderly caring for her needs. Anyone who has cared for an elderly relative understands how demanding it can be. Yet, Joanne carried on cherishing each day she had with her mother.

When her mother passed, Joanne was very stoic about it. She didn’t break down as we talked. Still, I could hear the sadness in her voice. I sent her a card with a letter of encouragement. A few weeks later, I saw that she had published a Happy Birthday remembrance to her dear mother on Facebook. I realized that my friend needed some comfort. I went to the YASOU website and sent her a jar of YASOU body cream telling her that it’s now time to care for herself. When she received it she texted me saying: “It’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Thanks so much!” I’m glad I had that second thought to help my friend.”

I very much appreciate hearing the stories of how YASOU products are improving how women look and feel – both inside and out!

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The Virtues of Aloe Vera For Skin Care

The Aloe Vera plant has a long history of use as a moisturizer, hydrating the skin of our early ancestors in Africa, Persia and Egypt as well as in Greece and Italy. Its properties are cherished for soothing the skin. Certified organic Aloe Vera, derived from the plant’s leaf, offers the purest experience.

In skincare, today we know that one of the secrets behind Aloe Vera’s virtues is its ability to stimulate the fibroblast cells, causing them to regenerate faster. Cells produce collagen and elastin giving our skin a smooth, firm and healthy glow. The Mayo Clinic has reported on benefits of Aloe Vera in treating wounds, burns and minor skin infections. Leaves from the Aloe Vera plant contain anti-oxidants and other nutrients including beta-carotene and vitamins C and E.

The gel found inside the Aloe Vera leaf contains chemicals that enhance circulation through blood vessels in the skin and can help kill bacteria. The plant’s benefits do not stop there. Aloe Vera can help relieve itching, burns (including sun burn), wounds, psoriasis and inflammation.

Other uses of the versatile gel from the Aloe Vera plant range from makeup remover, shaving cream, bug bite soother, to skin exfoliator. Acne, blisters, and surface sores can all be soothed with Aloe Vera.

In an average day we expose our skin to pollutants, chemicals, sunlight and a variety of allergens. Natural skincare products rely on nature’s gifts and a history of benefits recorded by our early ancestors to modern day researchers. Aloe Vera is a skin care ingredient that holds many virtues. Indulge your skin with good things from nature.